John Lennon’s Letter Absolutely Going Off on Paul McCartney Goes Up for Auction

by Sean Griffin

John Lennon and Paul McCartney are widely regarded as two of the greatest musicians of all-time. Teaming up with George Harrison and Ringo Starr, the group The Beatles is one of the most iconic bands in music history.

However, throughout their influential run of hits, plenty of tension rocked the band. Ultimately, the band dissolved in 1970 and each performer went on to pursue successful and lucrative solo careers. However, the magic of The Beatles’ music lives on beyond their brief time together as a group.

TMZ reports that one scathing later John Lennon once sent to bandmate Paul McCartney is up for sale at auction. The letter sheds light on how complicated and tumultuous John and Paul’s relationship was.

In the letter, John Lennon reveals being upset with McCartney’s inability to meet over a contract stipulation with Apple, their record label. The letter goes on for three pages apparently. At the point the letter was sent, the Beatles had been broken up for a year. John begs Paul to meet with him privately without any lawyers. He also accused Paul of buying up shares of another record company behind John’s back.

John Lennon also accused Paul McCartney of threatening Ringo Starr and his wife, Maureen. However, if that’s true, then the pair have patched up whatever bad blood they had. Last month, Paul posted a special happy birthday message to bandmate Ringo Starr.

Lennon takes a sharp tone toward McCartney, one that ranges from sarcastic to demeaning to patronizing.

The full letter can be read on TMZ. However, Outsider provides an excerpt of the scathing, brutal letter here below.

Excerpt of John Lennon’s Scathing, Brutal Letter to Paul McCartney

“Dear Paul, Linda, et al the wee McCartneys,

Thank you for your letter…..

  1. We give you money for your bits of Apple
  2. We give you more money in the form of royalties, which legally belong to Apple (I know we’re Apple, but on the other hand, we’re not.)

Maybe there’s an answer there somewhere…but for the millionth time in these past few years I repeat, What about the TAX? It’s all very well playing ‘simple, honest ole’ human Paul’ in the Melody Maker, but you know damn well we can’t just sign a bit of paper. You say ‘John won’t do it.’ I will if you’ll indemnify us against the tax-man!

Anyway, you know that after we have our meeting, the f****** lawyers will have to implement whatever we agree on—right? If they had some form of agreement between them before we met, it might make it even easier.

It’s up to you; as I/we’ve said many times—we’ll meet you whenever you like. JUST MAKE UP YOUR MIND.”