Johnny Cash’s Son Says Dad’s Greatest Legacy Was His Faith

by Chris Piner

There is no denying that iconic musician Johnny Cash had his troubles. Throughout his career, Cash struggled with drugs and staying sober. That all changed when he fell in love with his wife June Carter who handled the man and his outlaw image. Nicknamed The Man in Black, Johnny Cash fought his addictions while becoming one of the best-selling artists of all time. During his career, the singer sold over 90 million records worldwide. And through it all, the legendary singer was a dedicated family man according to his son John Carter Cash. 

Discussing what it was like raised in the Cash household, John admitted that at the center of his family was faith. “It was an essential, ever-present comfort. It was an enduring certainty that no matter what we went through, either as a family or individually, peace could be found in our faith. It was very much a part of our lives. I went through struggles in my early 20s. I came to my dad one day and just said, ‘You know, I feel empty. I feel lost.’”

Johnny Cash Comes From Generations Of Ministers

More than religious, John Cash explained how his family is full of ordained ministers dating back generations. “He encouraged me to look within myself. He would remind me, ‘You come from a long line of pastors’ – my dad was an ordained minister, [so was] my grandfather, my great-grandfather and on back several generations. I’m also an ordained minister. But I’m not perfect. Dad wasn’t perfect. But we still have that faith. And through that faith, we could find peace.”

Although John Cash noted that his father dealt with the pain of losing his brother and fighting addiction, he was sure to note how he worked on himself every day, trying to be a better person. Letting faith guide him, John said he “wasn’t perfect.”

Being More Than A Good Father According To John Cash

Always leaning on faith through tough times, John recalled how his father used faith to handle the death of June Carter.  “At the end of his life, when my mother passed away, my father found the endurance to continue through faith. And he was still making music. That was directly in line with what he learned when he was a boy and would go to church.”

While Johnny Cash continues to sell records and draw in fans, John Cash revealed that towards the end of his life, The Man in Black didn’t care about being remembered as a famous singer or a good man. It only mattered to Cash to be known as a “good father”.  His son was adamant in saying that his father was more than just a good father.