Johnny Cash’s Son Speaks Out About How Faith Was His Dad’s ‘Greatest Legacy’

by Alex Falls

Country music legend Johnny Cash passed away nearly 20 years ago, but his musical legacy still endures. He’s fondly remembered not just for his countless classic songs, but also for his deep devotion to his faith and for living life to its fullest.

Now, John Carter Cash, the only son of Johnny and June Carter, carries on his father’s legacy. A Grammy-winning singer-songwriter in his own right, Carter is hoping to share some of the wisdom he learned from his father with the rest of the world.

Carter launched the John R. Cash Revocable Trust. And in partnership with DaySpring Books, he’s released Walking the Line, a collection of 90 devotionals and never-before-seen content from his famed father centered around his faith.

Johnny Cash’s Son Remembers His Father’s Message

Carter recently sat down with Fox News to discuss the new venture. He took the chance to reflect on how his father’s faith helped shape his life. He said many people connect deeply with the music his mother and father performed. Through their music, people are able to “find direction and definition in life.”

People come to me all the time and say, ‘I believe in what your dad said. I believe in his mission in life. And I believe that he saved me. He helped me understand myself better through these struggles,'” Carter said.

Carter said the faith his father shared with him was an “essential, ever-present comfort.” The Cash family actually comes from a long line of ordained ministers. Johnny Cash was ordained, Carter’s grandfather, and also Carter himself. Carter does not call himself or his father perfect men, but they held their faith strong and through it found peace.

“It was an enduring certainty that no matter what we went through, either as a family or individually, peace could be found in our faith,” Carter said. “It was very much a part of our lives. I went through struggles in my early 20s. I came to my dad one day and just said, ‘You know, I feel empty, I feel lost.’ … It meant so much to me through the years to have that foundation my parents gave me, to have that certainty and understanding that I am saved, that I have my salvation in place.”

Cash’s Enduring Legacy

Cater called faith a continuing relationship that must be nurtured. He said his father always returned to it during the most difficult times in life. Through drug addiction, and the loss of June Carter, the Man in Black still carried on making music until his final days. But most of all, Carter remembers his father for being a positive influence in his life and instilling in him his faith.

“I think he knew what really mattered in life. In the end, you’re not going to bring that with you. In the end, what’s going to matter is that you did good for your loved ones,” Carter said. “His lasting faith was his greatest legacy. Larry King asked my dad on live television what the most important legacy he had was, and how he would like to be remembered. His answer was simply, ‘As a good father.’ And as a father, he was a wonderful one. And so in that, he was successful.”