Jon Bon Jovi’s Son Reveals He Has No Plans to Pursue Music Career

by Emily Morgan

Jake Bongiovi may be the spitting image of his rock-n-roll dad, Jon Bon Jovi, but according to Jake, he has no plans to follow in his dad’s footsteps. 

During an interview with Man About Town magazine, Jon Bon Jov’s son said he plans to become an actor. Although he plans to work in the entertainment industry, he said he has no interest in working in music

“I think I’ll leave that to my dad! There’s really no following the act there,” the 20-year-old said about his choice to make his own way. 

He added, “There was always music playing in the house growing up, all different types of genres from all different types of worlds. But what spoke to me were the people on the screen, not the voices through the speakers.”

According to Jake, his father’s stardom has been hugely beneficial to him. “Having my father’s influence has been a wonderful learning curve,” he said about having the rock-n-roll icon as a dad. “It’s just great to hear it directly from a first-person source, their experience coming up through artistic expression.'”

In addition, Jake says curating and maintaining one’s identity is crucial. “As long as you can have your identity – who you are and what you originally set out to do – and keep that strong, that’s the goal.”

Jon Bon Jovi’s son leans on rockstar dad, girlfriend for acting advice

Even though he’s constantly working on himself, Jake admits he’s not immune to dealing with internet trolls. On occasion, he says he has been targeted by internet users who have some not-so-nice things to say. However, he stays positive despite the haters. “None of my friends or family would say that to me, and those are the people that I care about,” he said about the online bullying. 

As Jake continues to carve out his own path, Jon Bon Jovi continues to crush his career. He also has several acting credits, including Moonlight and The Leading Man.

As for their relationship, Jake says he and his dad share a common hobby. “What I share with my dad is our love for movies,” he said. 

Beyond getting tips from his superstar father, he also has his girlfriend, Millie Bobby Brown, to give him advice. Brown, 18, stars in the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things.” The two began dating after Jake moved from London to New York. Jake made his red carpet debut with Brown in March.

Jon Bon Jovi is also a parent to his daughter Stephanie, 28, and sons Jesse, 25, and Romeo, 16, with wife Dorothea Hurley, 59. The two met in 1980 while attending high school in New Jersey. 

The famous family has run the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation since 2006. The foundation aims to end hunger and homelessness through its pay-what-you-can restaurants and food bank.