Jon Pardi Opens Up About Upcoming ‘Mr. Saturday Night’ Album

by Lauren Boisvert

Jon Pardi recently released the title track from his 4th studio album, Mr. Saturday Night, and now he’s revealed the entire track list for our viewing pleasure. He also spoke a little bit about what the song means, and how it’s a bit misleading at first. It’s not exactly a cut and dry party song. There’s nuance and juxtaposition and some sadness as well.

“I feel like everybody wants to be Mr. Saturday Night at one point on the weekend and have a good time,” Pardi explained recently. “But then you hear the song and—the way it’s so well written—it’s a sad song, but you don’t go there right away, because it’s also a fun song. That’s the thing about ‘Mr. Saturday Night,’ it’s more than meets the eye. It’s all fun until you get to the chorus.”

“Mr. Saturday Night” was written by Benjy Davis, Reid Isbell and Joe Ragosta. Pardi works with a handful of great songwriters on his new album, tapping some of the best talent in the country music scene. He’s also teamed up with Midland for a track called “Longneck Way to Go.” The band co-wrote the song, and it’s been heating up country radio since, along with Pardi’s “Last Night Lonely.”

Jon Pardi Releases Track List for Upcoming Studio Album

Mr. Saturday Night is set to drop on September 2. Here’s the track list, courtesy of MusicRow.

1. “Mr. Saturday Night”
2. “Fill ‘Er Up”
3. “Last Night Lonely”
4. “Neon Light Speed”
5. “New Place To Drink”
6. “Your Heart Or Mine”
7. “Santa Cruz”
8. “Longneck Way To Go” (Midland featuring Jon Pardi)
9. “Raincheck”
10. “Workin’ On A New One”
11. “Hung The Moon”
12. “The Day I Stop Dancin’”
13. “Smokin’ A Doobie”
14. “Reverse Cowgirl”

Pardi Talks the ‘Vibe’ of ‘Mr. Saturday Night’ Album

Earlier in March, Jon Pardi shared that the “vibe” of his next album is “all over the place.” That “all over the place” album is going to get polished until September into Mr. Saturday Night. According to Pardi, he and his band were whittling down the track list from 30 complete songs into just 14. As you can imagine, that hasn’t been easy.

In conversation with Taste of Country Nights in March, Pardi explained what the process was like. “It’s really easy when you ask our group what can we not live without,” he said. “Then the list fills up really quick.”

He then tried to explain what the overall vibe of the album was going to be, but essentially couldn’t, not yet anyway. “I can’t even tell you the vibe of the record, because it’s all over the place right now,” he said. “But that’s the way we like our records. We bring it in, we get all these songs … then we get the final list and it’s like, ‘Now we can talk about it.’”