Journey’s Neal Schon Says He and Steve Perry Are ‘In a Good Place’ Ahead of 50th Anniversary

by Megan Molseed

Journey’s Neal Schon is ready for the iconic band’s upcoming big 5-0. And, with that, the music star notes, the band is entering a new era. A sort of “cleaned up chapter” for the group. With this, Schon says, comes the news that he and former Journey frontman Steve Perry are now “in a good place.”

Journey’s Neal Schon Discusses The Next Chapter And Making Peace With The Past

Just as the band Journey is preparing for its 50th year on the music scene, the Don’t Stop Believin’ artists are enduring. Even after years of issues including lawsuits among the members as well as issues regarding lineups and scheduled performances. And, the band’s lead guitarist Neal Schon is ready to move on to the next chapter.

Earlier this month the band released its first studio album in 11 years. This release, which is titled Freedom brings along with it the return of American Idol’s Randy Jackson playing bass for the group. The release features 15 songs that bring us the kind of ballads we all expect from the iconic band.

The Former Bandmates Are “In A Good Place”

It’s a much-anticipated addition to Journey’s endlessly classic catalog of albums. However, when thinking of Journey, one can’t help but wonder how things are shaking down between Schon, the band’s lone original player to remain, and original frontman Steve Perry.

“We are in contact,” the Journey guitarist says in a recent interview.

“It’s not about him coming out with us,” the musician adds. “But we’re speaking on different levels.” And, Schon says, this is a very good place to start.

“That’s a start,” Schon says of the dialog that has emerged between the two former bandmates.

“Even if it’s all business,” he adds. “I’m not having to go through his attorney!”

Schon continues on to say that the two have been “texting and emailing,” which works just fine for now.

“He’s a real private guy and he wants to keep it that way,” he says. “We’re in a good place.”

Journey Prepares For Upcoming Live Performances And A Summer Tour

Now that the iconic rock-n-roll group has released its first album in over a decade, Journey is getting ready to hit the road. The group, which features keyboardist Jonathan Cain, singer Arnel Pineda, Deen Castronovo, the group’s drummer, Schon, and keyboardist Jason Derlatka, is set to hit Resorts World in Vegas later this month. Bassist Todd Jensen will step in for the live performances. Then, the band will be setting out for an arena tour later this summer.