Justin Timberlake Offers Hilarious Apology After Getting Roasted for His Dance Moves

by Blake Ells

Everyone eventually enters their “dad” era, including Justin Timberlake.

The “SexyBack” singer was attempting to do the “Beat Ya Feet” dance while performing at a festival in Washington, D.C. But he didn’t quite nail it. Local fans took to Twitter to roast the 41-year-old.

Several fans declared that whatever it was that Timberlake was trying to do looked a lot more like the “hokey pokey.” Other roasters took aim at his attire, knocking his khakis and sneakers. It all went down at Something in the Water Festival, and others joked that after ruining the popular D.C. dance, he can never return. But it was all in good fun.

As such, Timberlake offered up a good-natured reply of his own to the parade of jokes.

“I want to apologize for you for two reasons,” Timberlake says in the video. “HERE. AND HERE,” he exclaims while pointing the camera to each of his feet.

“I had a long talk with both of them. Individually,” he continues. “And said, ‘Don’t you ever do that to me again.’ Maybe it was the khakis. That was a real khaki vibe. I’m gonna make this up to you. I’m gonna focus on these two guys right here and get ’em right,” he said while pointing back to his feet.

“Love y’all,” he concluded the video message with a smile.

Justin Timberlake Reunites With Chris Stapleton

Justin Timberlake recently joined his old friend Chris Stapleton at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles. The duo reprised their version of “Tennessee Whiskey,” Stapleton credited the Memphis-native with introducing most of the fans in attendance to his music. It was the first time that they had performed the song together since the 2015 CMA Awards.

The pair of appearances mark a slow return back to public life for Timberlake, who has kept a low profile throughout the pandemic years. His last full-length record, Man of the Woods, is now four years old, and there’s been no word of new material ahead. It seems that he’s spent much of his time focusing on being a father

“My two favorite melodies. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!!!” he captioned his recent post celebrating Father’s Day.

He’s also been a vocal cheerleader of his wife, Jessica Biel, who is currently starring in the Hulu mini-series Candy.

He hit the links recently with his old friend Jimmy Fallon. Perhaps all of the recent public appearances are leading to something big?

“We also golfed,” Timberlake joked on the post. It looked like they had a great time. While we await news on what’s next for him, he’ll have plenty of time to practice his dance moves.