Kane Brown Wants to Be a Hollywood Superstar

by Shelby Scott

Kane Brown first found his way to country radio with songs like “What Ifs” and “Heaven.” Since then, he has proven to be one of the genre’s most reliable hitmakers. However, if he weren’t topping charts with more recent singles like “One Mississippi,” where else would we find him? Well, if he hadn’t found his way to country music stardom, the “BFE” singer may have just launched a career on the big screen.

According to Taste of Country, Kane Brown isn’t only interested in pursuing music. Now, he’s actively looking to find his spot in the acting industry. The 28-year-old singer recently revealed that he is currently working with an agent in Los Angeles in order to help realize that goal.

Of his endeavor, he said, “We’ve been trying to get some movies in and see which one relates to me the most.”

When asked which film genre he’d prefer to star in, he said “without acting classes” horror might work best. He explained that he could probably “kill that right off the bat.” Overall, he sees himself filling the role of either a horror victim or “the funny guy.”

Previously, the outlet stated Kane Brown actually auditioned for a new Grease movie. The film has since ceased filming, but he did reveal that his auditions nevertheless impressed producers, even receiving a callback.

“They were surprised with the audition tapes,” Kane Brown said. “They said that I could actually do it.”

Kane Brown to Release Brand New Album in September

After revealing his ambitions to find further stardom in Hollywood, Kane Brown’s upcoming release Different Man boasts an aptly named title. Aside from his acting auditions, Kane Brown is also topping charts with his newest country hit “Like I Love Country Music.” In addition, he recently put out his brand new pop single, “Grand.” On top of it all, Different Man, Kane Brown’s third studio album, is set to debut on Friday, September 9th.

Different Man promises to boast an impressive collection of tracks, numbering 17 in total. So far, the album already features a host of major successes, including his latest No. 1 “Like I Love Country Music” as well as “One Mississippi.” It also features his brand new song “Grand,” “Whiskey Sour,” and “Leave You Alone.”

Ahead of its release, Kane Brown said, “I don’t want to give too much away since it’s still coming together, but I love previewing music for my fans – it’s something I’ve always done – and I love hearing their feedback. I’m excited to play some of the new music live.”

Soon enough, the country music star will have that chance as he kicks off his Drunk or Dreaming Tour in Melbourne, Australia on September 17th. From there, the tour heads to New Zealand, Canada, and Europe.