Kate Bush Speaks Out in Rare Interview About ‘Stranger Things’ Using Her Song ‘Running Up That Hill’

by Leanne Stahulak

English singer and songwriter Kate Bush has made a comeback after “Stranger Things” showrunners used her track “Running Up That Hill” in the latest season of the hit Netflix show.

Back in 1985, Kate Bush released “Running Up That Hill” as part of her “Hounds of Love” album. Per The Daily Mail, the song reached number three on the UK charts back then. But now, 37 years later, it’s finally hit number one.

The song resurged after appearing in a pivotal episode of “Stranger Things” Season 4. The new season dropped on May 27 on the streaming service, and millions of fans have already binge-watched the first seven episodes.

During one of those episodes, titled “Dear Billy,” the villainous Vecna essentially enslaves main character Max. In order to escape the mind trap he set, Max must focus on her favorite song (“Running Up That Hill”) and follow it out of Vecna’s lair.

The scene moved many viewers, who related to Max’s fight for survival in her own mind. Hearing Kate Bush’s iconic song in the background caused many viewers to listen to it again or use the song as background for their own videos about the show. Which made it the top song in several countries around the world.

Kate Bush Speaks Out on the Newfound Success of “Running Up That Hill”

Kate Bush sat down with BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour podcast on Wednesday to give a rare interview about the new records she set. And the fact that one of her favorite shows used her song in such a pivotal scene.

“It’s just extraordinary. It’s such a great series, I thought that the track would get some attention. But I just never imagined that it would be anything like this,” Bush revealed. “It’s so exciting, it’s quite shocking really, isn’t it? The whole world’s gone mad!”

Perhaps Bush thinks it’s madness because she tries not to listen to her older music herself. So she’s surprised that so many others connected to it 37 years later.

“I never listen to my old stuff,” Kate Bush shared. “But when things like this come along, I’m normally involved in something like doing an edit or revisiting the track for some kind of other reason. I’m working. But I haven’t heard it for a really long time.”

Some fans are likely hearing Bush’s iconic song for the first time too. But they’ll definitely remember it due to the emotion and intensity of the “Stranger Things” scene, and Bush appreciates that.

“I think they put it in a really special place,” Bush said. “The Duffer brothers created the series and we watched it right from the word go from the first series onwards. So I was already familiar with the series. I thought, ‘What a lovely way for the song to be used in such a positive way, as a kind of talisman for Max.’ It’s very touching, actually.”

As for the records she’s set, Kate Bush is now the oldest female singer (63) to snag a number one hit in the UK. Previously, Cher held that record with “Believe” in 1998. Bush also set the record for the longest gap between her number one singles. In 1978, her song “Wuthering Heights” reached number one, when she was 19 years old. Now, at 63, she has another under her belt.