Keith Urban Says Being Back on Tour Is Like He ‘Never Left’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Keith Urban, finally, is back on tour. It’s been almost four years since the country music star last organized a string of concert dates. He’s found that performing night after night is like putting on a pair of well-worn boots. It might be months since you last wore them. But they always fit without pinching your toes.

“It feels like we never left,” Urban said Thursday during an interview on the Today show. “It’s just like we played the week before.”

Keith Urban kicked off his The Speed of Now tour on June 16 in Tampa, Fla. He told the crowd there: “We made it! Am I a bit nervous? Just a little! But, I’ve never been more excited to see so many people in one place!” Who cared that on the next night, severe storms in the area delayed the start of his concert by an hour. He just shrugged it off.

Then on Thursday came the Today show. Urban played to a packed plaza in NYC and to a national audience. He took a break from songs to sit on set for a quick interview. Count on it, he wanted to stay with the fans outside. He woke up at 4:30 a.m. to get ready for his performance. He was in the mood to keep singing.

“I’m kind of anxious to get up and get going,” Keith Urban told Today viewers. “Because the crowd has good energy and good flow.”

As for his whole concert experience, he said: “I love playing, just love playing. (It’s) that perfect place of completely playing and completely lost in the moment.”

Keith Urban Heads to Canada Next Week

His next official concert date is July 8. He’ll play two shows in Toronto. It finishes in St. Paul, Minn. on Nov. 5.

In conjunction with the tour, Urban released a new live version of his vintage hit, You’ll Think of Me.” The first time around, the song was his fourth single from the 2002 album, Golden Road. The song hit No. 1 on the country charts in early 2004. And it even was a successful crossover, tracking in the top 10 in both the top 40 and adult contemporary charts. And now, Keith Urban is giving it some new love and energy.

Urban also sang another new song on Today. This one was “Brown Eyes Baby. ” The Aussie superstar said he started singing the song at his Tampa tour stops. In a tweet, Urban wrote: “since then, so many of you have posted videos and asked for this one to be released.” It’s now going to be released July 8.

The Today show hosts asked if another album was coming. Keith Urban told them: “It feels like always album in works,… I like releasing some new songs, new music out there, particularly when you’re touring, It’s always great to have new songs out there.”

Urban and wife, Nicole Kidman, celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary, June 25. He mentioned that the two became engaged in New York, so the Big Apple brings happy memories. The couple now have two daughters. Sunday Rose will be 14 in July. Youngest daughter Faith is 11.