Keith Urban Snaps the ‘Exact’ Same Selfie 3 Years Apart in Paris: LOOK

by Shelby Scott

Country music megastar Keith Urban took a break from the stage Thursday to snap a selfie in one of the most romantic cities in the world. As we know, an international selfie isn’t exactly unheard of as one of the country music industry’s biggest stars. That said, the “God Whispered Your Name” singer shared almost exactly the same selfie three years ago. On top of that, he even turned the new Instagram post into a game. Sharing the photos side by side, he played with fans to see if they could spot the difference “aside from the obvious differences.” Can you see it?

Standing in front of Paris’s iconic Arc de Triomphe, Keith Urban smiles brightly at the camera. He appears to be wearing the same pair of sunglasses in both photos. The artist’s seemingly simple post took a turn for the humorous, however, as, after pointing out the similarities in his photos, he wrote, “After I left, I realized what I’d completely overlooked. Classic. If you spot the difference, let me know in the comments !”

Plenty of fans, after a moment’s scan, immediately identified what was different about the two selfies. They were taken on different sides of the Arc!

“You’re on the opposite side!” several Keith Urban fans commented, leaving plenty of hysterical emojis below the photos as well.

In addition to his Paris update, Kieth Urban also blasted out that his new song, “Brown Eyes Baby,” drops tonight. Be sure to be on the lookout for that as your streaming later today.

Keith Urban Came From Extremely Humble Beginnings

Keith Urban’s name is world-renowned as he boasts a massively successful, enduring career in country music while his equally famous wife Nicole Kidman crushes every single role she’s cast into. That said, things didn’t always look so bright as, during a recent interview, Kidman revealed that both she and her husband both came from, literally, nothing.

“He grew up on a farm, literally in a shed,” Kidman said of Keith Urban during an interview with Glamour UK. “They didn’t have bedrooms. Four of them lived in a shed that subsequently burned down.”

Fortunately, just as we love to see in the world of country music every day, Urban’s community rallied around him and his family and they managed to get by. However, Kidman emphasized if that had not been the case, the family would have suffered.

“I…married a man who’s totally self-made,” Kidman gushed. “[He] came from a background where he said every brick in his house is a gig.”

Kidman and her family shared equal struggles. During the interview, she revealed that she, also a native of Australia, her sister, and her parents all moved to America when she was young so that they could all have a better life. But, in leaving everything behind to move to a new country, Kidman and her family literally started from scratch.

After arriving in the States, the actress revealed that she and her three family members all shared a donated mattress that they obtained from the Salvation Army.

In speaking about her dad, Kidman said, “I grew up with one of the kindest, gentlest fathers who was a giver…my family had that social conscience.”