Keith Urban Tells Funny Backstory Behind Viral Video of Nicole Kidman Joining Him During Concert

by Megan Molseed

Country music superstar Keith Urban appears on the TODAY show, sharing the hilarious story behind a recent viral video. This video, which depicts the moment Urban’s movie-star wife Nicole Kidman joins the star on a Las Vegas stage during a performance, has been delighting fans for some time now.

This sweet video shares the moment that the country singer surprised his fans during a recent concert, and the moment has now gone viral. During a May performance in Vegas, Urban invites his wife, award-winning movie star Nicole Kidman, onto the stage in the middle of a concert. It’s a darling exchange between the two stars, and now the country singer is giving fans some insight into the famous moment.

‘Just A Saturday Night’ Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Share An Adorable Moment During A Recent Las Vegas Performance

In a recap of the cuteness that has now become a major piece of viral history, the adorable video has Kidman joining Urban on the stage as she asks her husband if he knows where his jacket is. And, once Urban explains the behind-the-scenes story the hilariously sweet viral moment becomes even sweeter.

“…just a Saturday night in Vegas !” Keith Urban quips in a recent Insta post which highlights the moment Kidman and Urban find themselves together on stage.

Urban Teases His Movie-Star Wife For Being ‘Such A Ham’

During a discussion with the TODAY show hosts, Urban recounts the events behind the hilarious viral moment, noting that his actress wife is “such a ham.” And, Urban shares, this moment is extra hilarious as Nicole Kidman was apparently on full wife duty, keeping track of her husband’s clothes…even while he performs on stage.

According to Urban, he usually removes his jacket when performing on stage. However, this move worries his wife, the country singer tells the TODAY hosts.

“Nic said to me, she goes, ‘Do you ever lose that jacket? Where do you put it? What happens to your jacket?'” Keith Urban relates in the interview.

“And I go, ‘I don’t know,” the country crooner recalls.

“It makes its way back to the dressing room every night,” he quips. “I don’t know who gets it, someone gets it.”

But, this didn’t calm Nicole Kidman’s worries that her husband would lose his jacket. Despite Urban’s insistence that it never gets lost.

“So when I had her come out on stage she goes, ‘I’m worried about your jacket,'” the singer remembers about this particular evening.

“And I (walk over to) bring it up and go, ‘It’s right (here),’ and it was gone!” he laughs. “The one night!”