Kelly Clarkson to Be Presented With Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame by Simon Cowell, 20 Years After ‘American Idol’

by Tia Bailey

Singer/songwriter/author/TV personality Kelly Clarkson is receiving a huge honor — a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star will be presented to the star with Simon Cowell present.

Clarkson’s claim to fame happened after she won the competition singing show, American Idol, in 2002. One of her judges was Simon Cowell. After she won the show, her music career skyrocketed, and many love her. Her songs were mega-popular in the 2000s, and are still popular to this day. She now also even has her own talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Now, 20 years after her win, Clarkson is being presented with her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her music director, Jason Halbert, spoke about the honor, as he is one of the presenters of her star.

“I’ve had a front-row seat to some of the most amazing moments in music history with her,” Halbert said. “It never gets old for me. And 20 years later, I remain foremost a fan.”

Cowell, who used to be a notoriously hard-to-please judge, will be in attendance, and also talked Clarkson up.

“Where we were very lucky with Kelly was that not only could we find someone with a hell of a good voice, but she also had this amazing sense of humor, personality, charisma,” he said. “I don’t think anybody at the label really was prepared for how successful she was going to be — maybe apart from Kelly.”

A fan Twitter account for Clarkson, Team Kelly Clarkson, shared the Walk of Fame news on Twitter. They wrote: “Kelly Clarkson is set to receive her Hollywood Walk Of Fame Sar on Sept 19th! If you’re in the LA area, make sure you’re there!”

Fans are thrilled for Clarkson, noting that this had to be a long time coming.

Kelly Clarkson to Be Presented with Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

One fan quote-tweeted the announcement, saying: “Def taking the day to go see my girl get her star.”

Another fan responded, saying: “About blooming time!! She deserves this so much.”

The news comes shortly after Clarkson’s 20th anniversary of winning the show. The Twitter account for The Kelly Clarkson Show also tweeted in honor of the anniversary.

“Celebrating 20 years of our OG Idol @kellyclarkson! Share your memories of Kelly’s Idol win using #KellyIdol20.”

Fans stepped out to support her. One fan quote-tweeted it, saying: “Out of all my pop/vocal queens, Kelly rules them all for me! #1 Stan since day 1.”

Clarkson won the show at age 20. Now, at 40, she is not only a singer/songwriter, but a published author and popular TV personality. Although the date for Clarkson receiving her star has not been released yet, fans are more than likely to be there to continue supporting her.