Kelly Clarkson Reveals Summer Plans After Exiting ‘The Voice’

by Emily Morgan

Kelly Clarkson has a lot to look forward to this summer. Clarkson will prepare to take her own summer vacation as the temperature rises. The talk show host recently announced that she would get some much-needed r&r in the coming weeks. 

For Clarkson, this past year has been far from easy. The talk show host winner has been filming episodes like crazy. On top of that, she’s going through a taxing divorce, which has been heavily publicized. So now, she’s ready to take some time off. This vacation will be the first time the “American Idol” winner had taken extended time off, aside from taking a break when she had her children. 

“The first time since I’m 16 years old, I am taking my summer off,” she said in an interview with E! News. “And it’s one of those things, I feel bad because things come up, but at some point, you know, you’ve just got to be able to, like, set the dates and say nothing will interfere with this time. Because it’s precious, and especially for a single, working mom, like, it’s exhausting, like you go to work and you come home. You’re constantly on, like, doing something, and it’s nice, you know?”

As for what Kelly Clarkson will get into while on vacation, she says it won’t be too crazy. However, it looks like she’s excited to get back to her own little slice of “Yellowstone” at her ranch in the rugged Montana wilderness.

Kelly Clarkson looks forward to much-needed r&r at Montana ranch

“I’m just gonna have time with my kids out on my ranch in Montana, and we’re just gonna be doing nothing. Like, you know, riding around on four-wheelers and taking picnics, and hiking and cooking and just doing fun stuff,” she said. “So you know, scavenger hunts, that kind of stuff. Like stuff we love to do that we don’t always have time when we’re balancing and juggling everything.”

Those worried about whether or not Clarkson will come back to TV fear not; Clarkson will be back for another season of her talk show. She’ll also co-host the new reality competition series “American Song Contest” with hip hop icon Snoop Dogg

In addition, she’s also released new music. In 2021, while going through her messy divorce, she released a Christmas song. At the time, she was dealing with complicated divorce proceedings from her ex and former manager, Brandon Blackstock. 

Fortunately, the divorce has since been finalized, with custody and financial settlement resolved between the former couple. 

Per reports, Blackstock will get $115k monthly in spousal support from Clarkson. They will also share custody of their two children and switch major American holidays. A judge also ordered that Blackstock vacate their large Montana ranch, where Clarkson intends to spend most of her vacation. 

The Montana ranch has been a sore spot for the two. The former “The Voice” coach wanted to sell the property, while Blackstock pushed to stay there. Finally, a judge decided that Reba McEntire’s stepson had until June 1 to vacate the property.