Kelly Osbourne Convinced Sharon & Ozzy to Appear in Unexpected Music Video, Major Artist Reveals

by Samantha Whidden

Six months after the release of his hit single The Funeral, British musician Yungblud revealed that Kelly Osbourne convinced her parents Sharon and Ozzy to appear in the song’s music video. 

While speaking to Billboard, Yungblud said there originally were no plans to have the Osbournes in the music video. “The song’s pretty rock and roll, so I was like, ‘I gotta do something big, something strange,’” Yungblud reflected. That’s when he turned to Kelly Osbourne for some help. “I’ve known Kelly for a while. I spoke to Kelly. I was like, ‘Yo, do you want to be in this video?’ She was like, ‘Oh, I’m out of town… But my mom and dad will do it.’” 

Following Kelly Osbourne’s suggestion, Yungblud immediately reacted with some confusion. “I was like, ‘What?!’ And then, yeah I met Ozzy and Sharon, and it was amazing, and they were in it.” 

At the start of the music video, Ozzy is seen in an open casket as cackles overtop him. Kelly Osbourne’s rock legend father then stated, “Hang on. Is this a f—ing funeral? Where the f— is everybody?” That was when Yungblud beings the song, which featured the musician driving recklessly. He then sees a different version of himself performing and crowd surf in a casket. Following the show, he is seen walking into the street and is hit by a car. Sharon is notably driving the car while Ozzy was in the passenger seat. “What the f— was that?” Ozzy asked. Sharon replied,” Just some f—ing poser.” “Ah, run him over again,” Ozzy added. 

Yungblud Addresses Those Who Question His ‘Authenticity’ & His Struggles With Criticsm

In June, Yungblud spoke to NME about those who have been questioning his “authenticity” over the years and how the criticism took part in evolving his music career. “When everyone was questioning my authenticity, I started to look back at artists like Mac Miller and Lil Peep,” he explained. “Because the internet turned on him, too. They built them up and then f—ing tore them down before they passed. And I got into this place where I thought the best career move would be death.” 

Along with Kelly Osbourne and her parents, Yungblud stated to Billboard that Rolling Stone frontman Mick Jagger was a huge part in his career. “Mick Jagger is everything to me, as a frontman, as an activist, as a rock star, as a sex icon,” the musician shared.

He then reflected on meeting Jagger for the first time. “It was pretty mental. I got a bit nervous, but I had to keep myself together. If you’re meeting a rock ’n’ roll star, you can’t go like, ‘Oh my God!’ I fully did just a shot of whiskey, walked in – ‘Alright Mick, how are you?’ … In my head, I was like, ‘What the f—?’”