Kid Cudi Reveals He Suffered Stroke During 2016 Rehab Stint

by Samantha Whidden

Nearly six years after checking himself into rehab for depression and suicidal urges, singer and songwriter Kid Cudi reveals that he ended up suffering from a stroke during that time.  

During a recent interview with Esquire, Kid Cudi (real name is Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi) stated that he had the stroke just two weeks after checking into the rehabilitation facility. “Everything was f—ed,” the rapper declared after having to do physical rehab afterward. However, he said that things turn around when he read alongside Michael Cerd for the Broadway production of Lobby Hero.

While he didn’t get the Lobby Hero part, Kid Cudi revealed that the experience actually ended up helping him through everything. “I proved to myself that I could do it,” he explained. He also noted that he needed that experience at the time and he was happy. “Like, damn, my brain is still strong. I didn’t lose something in that s— that happened.”

Kid Cudi shared he hopes to help others with his music as well as be a mental health advocate. “I’m ready to wear those shoes and be a role model,” he noted. The musician does admit that his role as a “big brother” to others is very, very rock and roll. “And I will not apologize for s—… I’m so in tune with my emotions. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned how to manage and control those emotions.”

In regards to being “a face” of mental health awareness, Kid Cudi admitted there’s a lot of pressure behind it, but it keeps him alive. “So I’ll take it. It doesn’t stress me out. It keeps me thinking, ‘Nah, Scott. You gotta be here. Let old age take you out.’”

Kid Cudi Previously Opened Up About Living With Both Anxiety & Depression

In a July 2020 interview with PEOPLE, Kid Cudi opened up about living with both anxiety and depression as well as how music helps him through his struggles. 

“When we’re young, we face a lot of press to do things that harm us,” Kid Cudi explained. “We pretend to be happy when there’s a raging violent storm inside of our heart. Once it was difficult for me to find the words. Anxiety and depression ruled my life for as long as I could remember.”

Kid Cudi further shared that the was scared and sad while struggling with his mental health. “I felt like a damaged human swimming in a pool of emotions. I knew I deserve peace and to be happy, but I didn’t know how. It took me a while to get to this place of commitment, to say I’m gonna get through this. To know that we can take our pain and turn it into something.”

Kid Cudi stated that he turned his pain into music. “And my music is how I am different. And my difference is my power.”