Kid Rock Cancels North Dakota Show, Crowd Nearly Riots

by Samantha Whidden

Chaos reportedly erupted at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot, North Dakota after singer and songwriter Kid Rock announced he was canceling his concert at the venue due to bad weather. 

According to TMZ, Kid Rock was set to take the stage of the North Dakota State Fair on Friday (July 23rd) at 9:30 p.m., following a two-and-a-half-hour performance by his opening act, Night Ranger. However, a storm appeared near the fairgrounds, which produced some wind and lightning. This, in return, delayed the musician’s stage performance. 

By 11 p.m., however, things took a turn as the around 18,000 audience members became drunk and angry after the storm had noticeably passed by and Kid Rock wasn’t on stage. It was when an officer from the Ward Country Sheriff’s Department walked on stage and announced the show was canceled that the crowd completely lost it. 

Kid Rock’s audience began throwing beer cans on stage. One fan apparently climbed on stage and took a “threatening stance” before the fairground’s security tackled him. Another fan was then handcuffed and escorted away from the area by police. 

Kid Rock took to Twitter to apologize to the fans that were at the canceled show. “SO PISSED OFF we could not play for a sold out crowd tonight in Minot, ND (because of high winds),” the musician tweeted. “I know it sucks but none of us can control mother nature. Please be safe having and take care of each other.”

Along with Kid Rock, among those performing at this year’s North Dakota State Fair are Old Dominion, Cody Johnson, Sam Hunt, and Koe Wetzel & Nelly. Tickets for the Kid Rock performance will be refunded. 

Lil Wayne Revealed How Willie Nelson Taught Him ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ Before 2008 CMA Performance With Kid Rock 

In 2016, Lil Wayne shared an interesting story about how country music legend Willie Nelson actually taught him how to play “Sweet Home Alabama” right before his performance at the 2008 CMA with Kid Rock. 

“I got a real funny story about Kid Rock,” Lil Wayne stated at the time. “I did the Country Music Awards with him before. What he don’t know is I don’t know how to play the guitar. I just made a song called ‘Leather So Soft’ and it worked. That’s all I know how to play is ‘Leather So Soft’ you feel me? Is that going to work for ‘Sweet Home Alabama’? I’m not sure.”

So before the performance, Nelson approached Lil Wayne to save the day. “Willie Nelson walks up. He comes up, he says, ‘Let me show you,’” Lil Wayne recalled. “I played it with him. I got to play ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ with Kid Rock and Willie Nelson.”