Kid Rock Faces Major Online Backlash Over July 4th Meme

by Shelby Scott

Kid Rock continues to be a popular topic of conversation following the July 4th weekend. Over the holiday, the country-rock star began trending on Twitter. Some users began launching criticisms and insults at the 51-year-old singer. And now, following a controversial meme, he’s facing even more online backlash.

Taking to Truth social, the “We the People” singer said, “If you’re anti gun, you don’t get to celebrate the 4th of July. You would have never fought back. Enjoy pride month. P*ssy.”

The post sparked a heated frenzy in the comments. The post garnered responses from folks on all sides of the political aisle. Altogether, pro- and anti-gun parties, veterans and non-service members, and members of the LGBTQ+ community all sounded off.

Sharing the meme to his own page, one Twitter user wrote, “Just to be clear, many people who actually fought and died for our country were also LGBTQ+ and many of those who served and lived celebrate Pride month…many women have too.”

They continued, “Did Kid Rock serve? I did not, but I don’t dismiss people who did with cheap slurs either.”

In response, another user commented, “I have Vietnam veterans in my circle, and they are anti-gun. The loudest pro gun people tend to be those who’ve never served, and have romanticized the glory of fighting for your country.”

A second Twitter user said, “Another RW musician off the deep end. Sad.”

According to, Kid Rock’s latest remark follows another controversial slur he posted last June. As per the outlet, he said, “If Kid Rock using the word f**got offends you, good chance you are one.”

Not long after, he assured fans that he has “a lot of love for his gay friends.”

As mentioned above, Kid Rock began trending on Twitter days before sharing his controversial meme above. Ahead of the holiday, some folks on the social platform began firing off less-than-glowing comments and criticisms at the country rockstar. Here’s what some of the users on Twitter had to say:

In a tweet that currently boasts more than 11,000 likes, one user said, “Kid Rock trending under ‘music’ is like Papa John’s trending under ‘food.'”

Another user riffed off of the rockstar’s stage name, changing “Kid Rock” to “Middle-Aged Man Rock.”

Others filed both Papa John’s and Kid Rock for trending under the fictional tag “garbage,” while another claimed, “Kid Rock makes music for people who spend more on fireworks than dental care.”