Kid Rock Trends on Twitter Ahead of July 4th Celebrations: Here’s Why

by Sean Griffin

Twitter, for better or worse, is the modern-day public forum. Kid Rock found himself trending on the site ahead of Fourth of July celebrations this weekend. Twitter’s trending list serves as a gatekeeper of the news and what directs the national online conversation of the day.

Kid Rock, whose music embodies a celebratory patriotic ethos, trended on Twitter as the Fourth of July holiday approaches this Monday.

A series of viral tweets showcase what the general Twitter-using public had to say about Kid Rock trending on the Fourth of July weekend. The singer received plenty of attention; however, it was mostly negative.

One user named “@NewbieHoward tweeted, “Kid Rock trending under ‘music’ is like Papa John’s trending under ‘food.’ Clearly, this user is not a fan of his music; however, they also felt the need to bash Papa John’s pizza in the process.

One user replied to @NewbieHoward’s tweet, saying “they were giving away his tickets like crazy in NC because they weren’t selling.” Another user wrote, “He has to wake up every day to the realization that he’s still Kid Rock. Can you imagine how depressing that is?”

Other users were quick to malign the singer and his fans. One person referenced the upcoming holiday and Kid Rock’s fans, saying, “Kid Rock makes music for people who spend more on fireworks than dental care.”

One user replied in agreement, saying “Middle-Aged Man Rock.”

Lastly, one user named @benedictsred made a wisecrack comparing Kid Rock to the famous Punxsutawney Phil groundhog.

They tweeted, “From the sound of all these early fireworks, I’m guessing Kid Rock saw his shadow today.”

Kid Rock’s Social Media Feud with Joy Behar and Oprah

Recently, the “Picture” musician garnered headlines for his ongoing social media feud with The View co-host Joy Behar and Oprah Winfrey.

He refuses to apologize for his drunken rant against Oprah Winfrey and Joy Behar in 2019. During the recording, he was at his own bar in downtown Nashville.

“A drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts, I own what I said,” the singer said during a recent episode of Tucker Carson Originals on Fox Nation. Kid Rock revealed his true thoughts toward Winfrey and Behar.

“I don’t apologize to anybody. I’m not an Oprah Winfrey fan. I got drunk and f—in’ next thing, I’m on stage [saying] f— Oprah…” the musician explained in the episode titled “Life of a Rockstar.”

Back in 2019, TMZ released a video of Kid Rock shouting expletives toward Oprah Winfrey and Joy Behar to his fans at his bar. He also berated Kathie Lee Gifford, but apparently his words were intended for comedian Kathy Griffin.

“I was trying to go after Kathy Griffin you know, for holding up Trump’s head. But I’m so [drunk that night] I’m like ‘f— Kathie Lee Gifford.’” he said. “When it comes back on TMZ or whatever a few weeks later I’m like ‘oh man, I like Kathie Lee Gifford.’ We’ve been kind of friendly throughout the years…now I feel a little bad.”