Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Frances Bean Recalls Near-Death Experience

by Alex Falls

Few people could imagine the life lived by Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of 90s music icons Courtney Love and the late Kurt Cobain. She’s currently celebrating life as she officially enters her 30s. A milestone that seemed very difficult to achieve at one point in her younger years.

Cobain took to Instagram to mark her happiness for reaching the life landmark. She’s happy to have made it through a tremendous amount of attention being the daughter of someone as iconic as the Nirvana frontman.

Francis Bean Cobain Remembers a Formative Experience

“30!! I made it! Honestly, 20 year old Frances wasn’t sure that was going to happen,” Cobain began in her heartfelt post. “At the time, an intrinsic sense of deep self loathing dictated by insecurity, destructive coping mechanisms & more trauma than my body or brain knew how to handle, informed how I saw myself and the world. Through a lens of resentment for being brought into a life that seemingly attracted so much chaos and the kind of pain tied to grief that felt inescapable.”

“Then, an event on a plane which brought me closer in proximity to death is ironically the event that catapulted me towards running at this lived experience with radical gratitude. I’m glad to have proven myself wrong & to have found ways to transform pain into knowledge.”

Then, Cobain remembered a quote that she holds closely as something she tries to remember on a daily basis. A quote from author Jaiya John, “the softer she became with herself, the softer she became with the world.”

“Entering this new decade I hope to stay soft no matter how hardening the world can feel at times. Bask in the present moment with reverence. Shower the people I am lucky enough to love with more appreciation than words could ever do justice & hold space to keep learning, so the growth never stops,” Cobain said to end her post. “I’m happy to be here & I’m happy you’re here too.”

Looking Ahead in Life

It’s been an eventful time in the life of Francis Bean Cobain. Earlier this year, it was revealed that she and Tony Hawk’s son, Riley Hawk, were dating, per ET.

She also recently came back to Instagram after taking a year break from the social media app. She marked her return with a look at her year away and a hopeful message about the year ahead. At the time, she said taking the break was a necessary step in her journey for mental health.

“I took a year long break from posting on Instagra. Which was exceptionally good for my mental, emotional & spiritual health,” Cobain said. “2021 brought me more into the present moment than I’ve ever been, which I’m deeply grateful for. I wanted to share a few moments that were captured / created this past year that brought me a great amount of joy. Here’s to hoping everyone’s 2022 is filled with authentic connections, a lot of warmth & profound discovery of self.”