Lady A’s Charles Kelley Hints at New Project With Breland

by Lauren Boisvert

It seems like Lady A and Breland have cemented their friendship and are taking things to the next level: collaborating on music together. Charles Kelley recently posted a photo of himself, Hillary Scott, and Breland backstage at CMA Fest, which took place in June.

“Got something cool brewing up with this man,” Kelley captioned the photo, tagging Breland and Lady A on July 13. During his show, Breland & Friends, back in April, Breland brought Charles Kelley on stage. The two did a show-stopping rendition of “Need You Now,” plus an unreleased song called “Told You I Can Drink.” The band and Breland performed “Need You Now” again at CMA Fest, wowing the crowd, and giving fans a sneak peek at rehearsals before the show on TikTok.

Now, it seems like Breland–who recently released his newest single, “Natural”–and Lady A will be making more sweet music together in the near future. This is one friendship we can’t wait to see blossom into some stellar tunes. Breland is a talented performer and songwriter, and Lady A has had a long career of successes. Putting them together can only mean more passionate, powerful songwriting and soulful, cross-genre performances.

Charles Kelley Talks How Lady A Formed in Nashville

During a guest spot on the Marty Smith Podcast in early June, Charles Kelley, founding member of Lady A, spoke about the organic way the band formed in the 2000s while the three members were all living in Nashville.

Kelley explained that he began playing music with his brother when they were kids. He then went to college for finance, but after working in the field for a year, he found that he was profoundly unhappy with his decision. He missed playing music.

“I went to work for a year up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and was just so unhappy. It just didn’t feel right,” Kelley shared on the podcast. “My brother, Josh Kelley, had had a little success as an artist himself out in L.A. and he started to go to Nashville to write songs.”

After visiting his brother in Nashville, Kelley made the jump and moved there himself. He didn’t have any friends there, though, so he called up Dave Haywood, who was a friend from his hometown of Augusta, Georgia. Kelley drove to Atlanta every weekend and wrote songs with Haywood, until Haywood, too, decided to move to Nashville.

Kelley and Haywood Meet Hillary Scott, and the Rest is History

Charles Kelley first met Hillary Scott in a bar, listening to a cover band. He has admitted that he was actually flirting with her, and hoped to get a date out of it, but he came away with so much more; a future bandmate. Scott met Haywood as well, and the trio buckled down and wrote what would become Lady A’s first hit single, “Love Don’t Live Here.”

“Everything just came together,” said Kelley. “And, you know, the rest is kinda history as they say.”