Lainey Wilson’s Father Undergoes Major Surgery While Fighting for His Life: ‘Toughest Man I Know’

by Shelby Scott

Earlier this week, country star Lainey Wilson was forced to cancel a string of upcoming shows. She shared the news on Instagram after revealing that she was going through a “family emergency.” Later, we learned that it was her father experiencing serious medical issues. However, she didn’t specify exactly what was going on behind the scenes. Instead, she apologized to fans for canceling her shows, asking them to keep her father and her family in their prayers. Now, Lainey Wilson’s revealed that her father has undergone major surgery and that he won’t be going down without a fight.

Wilson has not specifically spoken out about her father’s diagnosis, however, Taste of Country reports the singer’s sister Janna Wilson Sadler has provided some context. As per the outlet, it was revealed on the latter’s Instagram story that their father is currently suffering from Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Essentially, Lainey Wilson’s father is battling a fungus that has spread throughout his body.

As a result, the “Never Say Never” singer’s dad has since gone to the ICU where his medical team treated him with “extremely high” doses of anti-fungal medication. Afterward, he underwent surgery, leaving professionals to remove dead tissue from his body. Fortunately, however, the procedure has gone “well.”

Of her father’s medical ordeal, Lainey Wilson’s sister said, “Dad has a very long road ahead but he is fighting. He is fighting hard.”

She later added, “If you all know dad, he is not going down without a fight.”

Lainey Wilson also took to Instagram where she shared a photo of herself standing beside her father. In the caption, she wrote, “My deddy…Toughest man I know.”

Lainey Wilson Fans Shower Her Father With Prayers

One of the best things about country music is the way it unites its artists with its fans. And in response to Lainey Wilson’s father’s medical diagnosis, as well as his procedure, fans flocked to the star’s page to share their prayers and well-wishes.

Praying emojis absolutely flooded the comments, with some coming from fellow artist Ian Munsick and Cole Swindell. In addition, Jenna Hocking, sister to country music megastar Luke Combs wife Nicole, commented, “Love you,” also adding a praying hands emoji.

Following the cancelation of her upcoming shows, Lainey Wilson’s fans were nothing but supportive. Again, many of the industry’s biggest stars shared their well-wishes for the 30-year-old singer. However, fans, empathetic to her situation, shared nothing but love.

One wrote, “love you lainey[,] prayers coming you way.” Another follower said, “Praying for your dad. Glad you will be there for your mom.”

So far the country artist hasn’t said when and if she’ll reschedule her canceled show dates. However, once Lainey Wilson’s father pulls through this ordeal, she’ll hopefully have an update for fans.