Lee Greenwood Speaks Out About Freedom, Political Division Ahead of July 4th

by Samantha Whidden

While kicking off the Fourth of July weekend, country music singer and songwriter Lee Greenwood spoke out about freedom and political division in his latest interview.

As he spoke to Fox News Digital on Saturday (July 2nd), Lee Greenwood opened up about what the Fourth of July means to him. “As a kid, I was raised in California on a farm – we were sharecroppers. We don’t take much time for holidays. I was generally working, and I have been working, on holidays since I was a kid.”

However, Lee Greenwood stated that it’s not as much about the Fourth of July holiday to him. “It is about reaffirming our faith that we are so grateful to be in a free country. I think my message is basically to remember that freedom is not free.”

Lee Greenwood further explained that while everyone is enjoying fireworks and other celebrations, they should remember that it was all paid for. “In blood, by our service members – our military. That’s pretty much my message now.”

Meanwhile, Lee Greenwood touches on the political division that is currently happening in the U.S. “It’s very difficult sometimes to push away from politics,” he admitted. “Of course, politics is in everything and not just [from] the politicians in Washington D.C., who try to turn the country their way – left or right, the middle, or whatever. What I try to do is to stay true to my art, true to my music, true to my family, and certainly true to my country.”

Lee Greenwood Discusses the Importance of Freedom During Current Political Division

Lee Greenwood went on to share that he and his wife were surprised by reports of recent unrest and dissent in the U.S. “I told [Kim], ‘Well, that’s what freedom brings,’” Greenwood recalled. “Freedom brings dissension – but it also brings unity, when a crisis comes.”

Greenwood went on to add that he was visible and very involved in the U.S.’s rebuilding after the September 11th attacks. “And I continue to do that. I try to get rid of divisiveness and breed unity.”

The musician said that he is focusing on family and family. He is also thanked by people after his shows and other events. “I’m humbled by it. And I don’t really need justification for what I do – but I’m glad that people recognize that this isn’t on the surface for me. This goes deep with me.”

Greenwood further shared that it’s pretty cool for him that people take the time to thank him or share their gratitude with him. Especially for his patriotic song, “God Bless the USA.”

“And it’s people of ages, too,” he went on to add. “It seems like the grandparents passed it down to the parents, who passed it down to the kids.”