LISTEN: ‘American Idol’ Star Huntergirl Previews New Song ‘Hometown Out of Me’

by Leanne Stahulak

Only a few weeks after the live “American Idol” finale, runner-up Huntergirl isn’t slowing down one bit when it comes to making music.

Although she came in second to Noah Thompson on the “American Idol” finale, Huntergirl certainly has a bright future in the music industry ahead of her. Her original song “Redbird” already debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes charts. And now, she has a second song in the works that she previewed for fans earlier this week.

Huntergirl took to Instagram to share a brief snippet of the song. It’s called “Hometown Out of Me,” and it clearly shows Huntergirl’s love for her hometown in Winchester, Tennesee.

The “American Idol” star opens up her video by saying, “Hey guys, I just wrote a new song about my hometown. I just wanna tell everybody thank you so much for all the love and support. And this one’s called, ‘Hometown Out of Me.’ I hope you guys like it.”

Huntergirl then dives into this beautiful chorus that tugs right at the heartstrings. “I’m never gonna not think heaven’s at the end of // Daddy’s little gravel road // I’m never not gonna be // The same old same me // Everybody back there knows // An apple’s still an apple // When it’s nowhere near the tree // You can take me out of my hometown // But you can’t take my hometown out of me.”

The “American Idol” star gave a shoutout to that hometown and her fellow songwriters in the caption for the post.

“I want to thank my hometown and all the surrounding counties for supporting me throughout my music journey so far,” Huntergirl said in her caption. “You guys have went above and beyond, and I love and appreciate y’all so much. Wrote this with @jammyrabbins and @lauraveltz! Would love to know what you guys think!”

‘American Idol’ Star Huntergirl Opens Up About Luke Bryan’s Support

There might not be a bigger Huntergirl fan than “American Idol” judge Luke Bryan. The country star deemed that she would become the “next Miranda Lambert,” which is no small praise. Now that the show has wrapped, Huntergirl has opened up about what it means to have someone like Bryan in her corner.

“[American Idol] was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” Huntergirl told TV Insider. “Getting to have Luke [Bryan] there to cheer me on meant everything. I’ve looked up to him since I was a little girl.”

So it meant quite a lot to her to be able to duet with Bryan in the “American Idol” finale.

“Getting to sing with Luke in the finale was such a full-circle experience. It was so fun. It marked a year’s worth of work on American Idol. To have that moment with him was really cool,” she continued. “I’m going to remember all these moments for the rest of my life.”