LISTEN: Lainey Wilson Reveals ‘Chill’ Version of ‘Things A Man Oughta Know’ for ‘Country Goes Reggae’

by Shelby Scott

After releasing her hit single “Things A Man Oughta Know” last year, Lainey Wilson skyrocketed to country music stardom. She even appeared on Cole Swindell’s hit single “Never Say Never.” Now though, as we await more new music from the country star, Lainey Wilson treated fans to an all-new “chill” spin on “Things A Man Oughta Know” for Positive Vibrations’ Country Goes Reggae. Check it out.

Taking to Instagram garbed in bright gold bell bottom pants, a fringed red shirt, and a wide-brimmed suede hat, Lainey Wilson shared with fans, “Y’all can check out a brand new, chill, reggae version of #ThingsAManOughttaKnow on ‘Positive Vibrations.'”

Overall, the remix received a lot of positive feedback. One fan commented, “It’s just so dang good!”

Another wrote, “Girl, it was awesome already, but throw this whole vibe on it!”

Backed by a reggae tune, the new version of “Things A Man Oughtta Know” definitely has a more lighthearted vibe than the original does. Simultaneously, fans also complimented the country star’s jazzed-up outfit.

“Love this outfit queen,” one of her followers wrote, while another asked, “Okay where are her pants from??”

Be sure to check out the full version of Lainey Wilson’s reggae-fied song here. Positive Vibrations’ Country Goes Reggae was released Friday, July 22nd.

Lainey Wilson Has A New Gig on Taylor Sheridan’s ‘Yellowstone’

Aside from dipping her toe into reggae, Lainey Wilson is also pursuing a new adventure on the small screen. When Taylor Sheridan‘s hit neo-Western Yellowstone premieres its fifth season on TV this fall, fans not only look forward to the return of beloved cast members like Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, and Cole Hauser, but they can also look forward to Lainey Wilson’s on-screen appearance.

When the hit series airs its season five premiere, fans will meet Wilson as a new character named Abby. Sheridan, who has worked with Wilson in the past in creating the show’s soundtrack, created the role of Abby just for the country music star. Unsurprisingly, Lainey Wilson is slated to play a singer.

In speaking about her experience on Yellowstone’s set so far, Lainey Wilson shared her first impression of Beth Dutton actress Kelly Reilly. Fortunately for the country music star, Beth Dutton is entirely fictional, and her actress actually happens to be of the much kinder variety. Of Reilly, the “Never Say Never” singer said, “[Kelly’s] actually one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my entire life. Which was shocking because [Beth is] a tough mama jama. She will cut you.”

Similarly, it seems Kelly Reilly has nothing but positive things to say about her new costar. In speaking about her earliest interactions with the Beth Dutton actress, Wilson revealed that Reilly told her, “I was hoping you’d be my first friend on the show.”

Despite Beth’s tough-as-nails personality, she truly does live a complicated reality, so it would definitely be a new venture for Taylor Sheridan to write the character a new friend.