LISTEN: Riley Green Teases Another New Song ‘I Hope She’s Drinkin’ Tonight’

by Sean Griffin

Riley Green refuses to stop releasing singles. In the past few months, Green continues pumping out singles and teasing fans with snippets of unreleased music.

On Wednesday, Green took to Instagram to release another snippet of an unreleased song. This song is called “I Hope She’s Drinkin’ Tonight,” and fans are loving it.

Fans and other musicians were quick to comment their reactions to the clip. Country singer Chase Brice commented, “Are you kidding me!? I now know why you’ve been away for a while… keep it coming brotha!”

One fan commented, “Riley Green please just drop the album,” with four crying emojis attached.

Other fans seconded the sentiment. “You just gonna drop these teasers with no release dates?!” one account asked. Another fan agreed, writing, “drop the album already.”

Another fan wrote, “respectfully i needed this song like last week.”

Below, you can read the opening lyrics to his unreleased song “I Hope She’s Drinkin’ Tonight.”

She hadn’t called, she ain’t been around,

Just got a text, somebody saw her out downtown

In that little bar, where we used to go

She’s still the same girl I used to know

She’s having a good time

Sipping Jack and coke with a lime

Well if she’s a little bit tipsy

She just might tell me she’s missed me

With good luck she’ll kiss me

Tastes like whiskey

I hope she’s drinking tonight

She’ll need a ride

And I’ll have the Chevy waiting right outside

I’ll fire it up

And I’ll take her home

Turn off the lights and turn that record on

I hope she’s drinking tonight.

Riley Green Recent Singles

Back in June, Riley Green released two new singles: “Wild Woman” and “Miles on Main.”

“Wild Woman” first appeared in a live performance in 2020. Green wrote the song with Brent Cobb and Erik Dylan. Cobb, whose cousin is producer Dave Cobb, has an impressive resume as a songwriter. He wrote “Tailgate Blues” for Luke Bryan, “Don’t It” for Kenny Chesney, and “Old Sh*t” by Miranda Lambert, among many others.

Riley Green first performed “Miles on Main” in 2021 during his Golden Saw Music Hall Series. The web series began in quarantine, and during it, Green performed songs from the Golden Saw Music Hall in his hometown of Jacksonville, Ala.

In May, Green released “Hell of a Way to Go.” He’s been churning out singles lately, indicating that he may be gearing up for a long-anticipated sophomore album.

Green released the Behind the Bar EP in 2021. However, the popular country singer hasn’t released a full-length effort since 2019. However, a live performance from Huntsville, Ala., We Out Here: Live, was released earlier this year in 2022.