LOOK: Carrie Underwood Makes an Appearance at Dollywood, Snaps Photos With Fans

by Chris Piner

Besides Kelly Clarkson winning season one of American Idol, the show has launched numerous other stars into the spotlight like Carrie Underwood. Winning the fourth season of the show, the country singer went on to claim three Grammys for her first album Carnival Ride. That album alone solidified her status in country music as she had one of the biggest opening weeks of any female artist. One of the Grammys she won was for Best New Artist. Since her breakthrough performance on American Idol, Underwood continues to leave her mark on the industry, but she’s also sure to take some time for herself. 

On the cusp of another string of shows with the Denim and Rhinestones Tour, Carrie Underwood decided to take some much-needed time off. And what better for a country singer to relax than at the famous theme park, Dollywood. Although it is unclear as to why Underwood was at the park, from the pictures below, it seems the singer was doing nothing more than spending some time with family. 

Fans loved the picture of Carrie Underwood, with many admitting they wouldn’t know what to do if they causally ran into her. 

Carrie Underwood Covers Ozzy Osbourne

While soaking up the sun at Dollywood, Carrie Underwood spent the majority of the summer performing around the world. The singer showcased her talents at the CMA Fest only to travel to London not long after. In London, Underwood sang alongside the famous Guns N’ Roses. On July 30, she will be singing at the Grand Ole Opry to close out the summer season. But again, that won’t grant her much time off with another set at the Iowa State Fair at the end of August and a tour starting in October. 

Although Carrie Underwood branched out, singing with Guns N’ Roses and covering songs from Ozzy Osbourne, the country singer admitted that she wasn’t leaving her country roots anytime soon. “I love having my moments and I love having my influences and I love it when I can have those influences work their way out or things that I do. But I’m a country girl. I can’t imagine myself making any kind of switch. I like having flavors to my music, or having those moments where I get to collaborate with somebody that I adore and respect.”

Famous Singer Who Worked At Dollywood

Enjoying Dollywood for a moment, Carrie Underwood isn’t the only star who loves the park. Carly Pearce explained her time as a worker at Dollywood. “Dollywood was a vessel for me to get out of my hometown and sing, which is all I ever wanted to do. My time there taught me stamina, the value of hard work and made me understand how much I really wanted this life. I’m forever grateful for those lessons and for having the opportunity to learn them at such a young age.”