LOOK: Carrie Underwood Posts New Pic With Guns ‘N Roses’ Axl Rose

by Shelby Scott

Carrie Underwood is already iconic, but now she’s taking her legend status to an all-new level. Over on Instagram, the country star shared with a brand new photo beside Guns ‘N Roses’ own Axl Rose. See the stellar pair below.

There’s no doubt that Carrie Underwood has a star’s aura about her after releasing an impressive nine studio albums since her debut on American Idol in 2005, and scoring a multitude of No. 1s throughout her long career. However, even country music‘s living legends become starstruck and Carrie Underwood is no different. Taking to Instagram, she fondly recalled in the caption, “Oh, remember that one time I was a rock star?” followed by hashtags like “#axlrose” and “#GunsNRoses.”

Carrie Underwood and Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose first performed together earlier this year. The latter first joined the “Pink Champagne” singer on stage during her set at the renowned Stagecoach Festival in California. The pair then reunited ahead of the July 4th weekend at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London. There, Rose again welcomed Underwood into their own set.

After their second performance together, Carrie Underwood wrote on social media, “Together again, but this time in London and with a few more friends.” The country singer’s fans flocked to the comments to compliment Carrie’s performances with Guns N’ Roses. Others also shared their admiration for the star’s extremely toned legs.

“We’re ready for the 80s rock album!” one of the star’s followers quipped. Another wrote, “When are you not a rock star.”

Following two historic performances with Guns N’ Roses, American Songwriter states Carrie Under is set to kick off her The Denim & Rhinestones Tour in October.

Carrie Underwood Rocks ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’

It’s been several weeks since Carrie Underwood headed to London to perform alongside Axl Rose. But fans are still raving about the duo’s set. More recently though, the “American Girl” singer made a special appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, performing “Pink Champagne,” one of the brand new songs off of her latest album, Denim & Rhinestones. See the performance below.

Everything about Carrie’s TV appearance was studded, from her fringed sparkling top and chain-bedecked jean shorts right on up to her microphone.

Following her performance, one viewer said of Carrie Underwood’s newest record, “As a fan I feel this is also the album Carrie has always been wanting to make and you can see and hear that.”

Her performance on The Tonight Show definitely oozed excitement, energy, and pleasure. The country star spent much of her set smiling into the camera and rhythmically swaying to the music.

Fans adored “Pink Champagne,” taking to the comments to share their love for the tune and for Carrie Underwood overall.

“Her voice is scary good,” one wrote. “I have never seen someone who doesn’t have an ‘off’ day singing. She is ALWAYS good. Every note. It’s wild.”