LOOK: Chris Stapleton Jams With Marty Stuart: ‘Coolest Cat on Planet Earth’

by Jonathan Howard

There are some photos that are just too good to be true, and yet they still are. Chris Stapleton jamming with Marty Stuart is one of those moments. This is a duo with more hair than a lion’s mane. They aren’t too bad on the guitar, either. Stuart is a certified country music legend, and of course, Stapleton is very much on his way to becoming the same.

It isn’t often you get to see a mashup quite like this. So, check out this photo and try to take in all of the cool oozing from both of these dudes.

Over the years, Marty has gotten older, but his hair has pretty much stayed the same. With a schedule that isn’t quite as busy as it once was, he found some time to play with Chris Stapleton in Detroit. What a moment, and for it to be caught on camera is just wonderful. Maybe in the future, we’ll realize that there was some kind of video or audio. It just seems like the perfect moment to end up in a documentary in the future.

And, as always, Stapleton has been doing his thing. Touring, winning awards, just regular things. Oh, and a new Country Music Hall of Fame exhibit. Life is good for the Kentucky native and everyone back in the Bluegrass state here is pretty proud to call him one of our own.

This isn’t the first time that these two have joined up either. You could say that Chris and Marty are good friends by this point. They have played together on stage and apparently jam whenever they can. When Stuart had his Artist-in-Residence show at the Country Music Hall of Fame, Stapleton was right there for the ride.

Chris Stapleton Exhibit Has it All

When you talk about country music exhibits, Chris Stapleton about checked the box off on everything. His new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame, a place he will one day be inducted, features all that made up the man we see today on stage. From Legos to Waffle House, and all that he cared about during his life. Of course, Kentucky is thoroughly mentioned and involved.

These exhibits are so great. They take childhood items, things from the artists’ younger years, and whatever else they can get their hands on. The history major in me gets very excited thinking of the primary sources and things that these exhibits collect.

So, check out “Chris Stapleton: Since 1978” you have until May of 2023 to make your way to the Hall of Fame and see it for yourself. If you consider yourself a fan of Stapleton, then you need to see this exhibit. I know it’s something that’s on my list next time I get to Nashville.