LOOK: Dolly Parton Posts Throwback With Longtime Friend Cher

by Tia Bailey

We all love when musical legends are IRL friends. Singer-songwriter-actress (and more) Dolly Parton shared a photo to Instagram with another music icon this afternoon.

Dolly posted a photo from an iconic photoshoot with her longtime friend and fellow musician Cher. She captioned the photo: “It’s hard to top a friend like @cher!”


The two musicians have been friends for decades. In 1978, Cher had a one-time TV special called “Cher…Special.” Dolly was a guest on the show, and the two performed comedy sketches and some of their songs together. The special even snagged Dolly an Emmy nomination for her appearance, and the two have remained friends since.

The photo Dolly posted was taken by Harry Landon in 1978, before Dolly appeared on Cher’s show.

Fans love the pair, and commented underneath to express their happiness with the friendship. The official Instagram for Country Music Television, @cmt, commented: “it’s hard to top this duo!” Another user commented: “I want to be apart of this friendship so badly.” Others left comments along the lines of the two “queens” being friends. It’s safe to say that when two icons are besties, the friendship is loved by all.

Dolly’s Instagram page is a combination of throwback photos and recent pictures, and she’s as popular amongst newer generations as she was decades ago. Dolly has posted photos with/of Cher before. The two are the same age, and will wish each other a happy birthday.

Dolly Parton Shares Throwback Instagram Post with Cher

Back in 2019, Dolly shared a video on Twitter wishing Cher a happy birthday. In the video, Dolly says in her usual happy, loud character: “Hi Cher, it’s Dolly! Happy birthday to you! We’re the same age now — well, I might be a minute or two older than you, but what’s a minute or two among friends and old bags like us? I don’t mean that, I think we’re holding up pretty good for our age. What are we now? Thirty… seven? Yeah, that’s it! Anyway, I just want you to know that I’m proud of you, I think you’re great, I hope you’ll be around for a hundred more years to hang out with me if nothing else!” She then sings for her.

The tweet was captioned: “Happy Birthday @cher! Heres to more years of singin’, sequins, and swappin’ secrets!”

Fans loved the post then as much as they love Dolly’s posts now. The duo have a great friendship that they aren’t shy to make public.

Dolly has been in the news quite a bit recently, from shouting out an America’s Got Talent Act that wrote a song in response to her hit “Jolene” to sharing that she wrote a song that she wants released on her 100th birthday.