LOOK: Luke Bryan Reflects on ‘Good Birthday’ Fishing With Family

by Chris Piner

Besides touring and being one of country music’s top artists for the past two decades, Luke Bryan is nothing more than a regular guy who enjoys the finer things in life like fishing. Recently celebrating his 46th birthday, the singer received numerous happy birthdays, well wishes, and even an amazing cake from his wife Caroline in the shape of a beer can. And being part of the Bryan family, the husband showcased his dance moves with their famous birthday dance. But being sure to make time for himself, Bryan shared a picture on Instagram sporting a nice catch and a wide smile. 

Letting the picture do all the talking, Luke Bryan captioned the picture with nothing more than “It was a good Birthday.” Receiving over 3000 likes, many fans of the singer showered him with love and congratulations on the catch of the day. 

Fans Concerned Over Luke Bryan’s Dancing

Beyond his off time, the American Idol caused concern not that long ago when he took a nasty fall while on stage. Performing in Raleigh, North Carolina on his Raised Up Right tour. Showing off some of his signature dance moves, the country artist tumbled over but was sure to keep singing. 

Fans online were amused by Luke Bryan’s antics, writing, “And he kept singing too! Luke should be nominated for Entertainer of the Year, after this happen!! And his kind of night indeed!!” Another user added, “That’s all right you was jamming thank God you didn’t hurt yourself …” 

While concerning, the songwriter laughed it off, explaining his love for the stage. “My favorite place to be is on stage performing to country music fans. So thankful every night when I walk out on that stage and know you are there to have a blast along beside me. It never gets old!”

Welcoming A New Member To The Family

Always up for a good time, Luke Bryan is ecstatic to welcome the newest member to the family as his niece Jordan gave birth to a son Jonathan Chesh Eudy on May 7th. But due to being born premature, the little man has spent the last few weeks in the hospital, gaining his strength. 

For those who might not know, Jordan Cheshire Eudy is extremely close to Luke Bryan due to the fact that both her mother and father died. Her mother passed away in 2007 and her father in 2014. Stepping in to help out the family, Bryan is the guardian of Jordan’s younger brother.

Excited about the baby, Bryan stated, “He’s over six pounds now and they’re pretty close to being able to go home which is a big deal. He’s healthy and growing and (I’m) glad to have him here.” The singer admitted, “When they’re in the NICU, there’s limited — I haven’t had a chance to get in any kisses and snuggles and hugs. I’m ready to put my hands on him.”