Luke Bryan Doesn’t Plan on Sharing His Tasty Popcorn with Blake Shelton

by Suzanne Halliburton

Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton are two of the biggest country music stars in the business. Plus, they’re both prominent judges and coaches on popular singing reality shows.

They’ve got a healthy and fun-loving rivalry. But trust us, Bryan isn’t planning on sharing his new snack line. The American Idol judge announced his new product in partnership with Fendt tractors. It’s called the Fendt & Luke Bryan’s Boldly Grown Popcorn. There are two flavors — “Bold Butter” and “Chart Toppin’ Churro.” The buttered popcorn is the traditional flavor, while Bryan likened the churro to candy corn, but not as sweet.

He talked about the new product with a group of reporters, including from Outsider. Of course, someone had to ask about Blake Shelton. Luke Bryan fancies himself a far better farmer, so the question needed to be asked. Will you offer Shelton some of your popcorn supply?

“You know what, Blake doesn’t send me any of his endorsed products,” Bryan said. “So I’m gonna be a little tight, hold it close to the vest. He can’t have my popcorn.”

Shelton’s loss, right? Fans can start buying the popcorn this Thursday (Aug. 25) at It’s $5 a bag. Once the supply is sold out, Luke Bryan and Fendt will donate $25,000 to Future Farmers of America. Bryan and Fendt, the tractor maker, already have a partnership. The company will sponsor his upcoming Farm Tour. And last year, the American Idol host, in conjunction with Fendt, did a 20-episode digital video series featuring his own farm.

Luke Bryan shows off his new popcorn. Fendt/2022

So why is Bryan doing a popcorn endorsement? Basically, he loves the stuff. He loves it best old school style. Melt a stick of butter to drizzle on the corn, then add some salt. He first kicked around a snack idea two years ago during the pandemic, when Bryan planted four acres of sweet corn on his farm. Now, it’s an official deal. He may even use his own corn for the product in upcoming years.

“I think down the road, we’re going to create potentially a spot to do our own sweet corn batch,” Luke Bryan told Outsider. “And that’s the beauty of having Fendt. We’re actually growing a lot of field corn, and a lot of soybeans on my personal farm. And Fendt has been really instrumental in providing me with the equipment, and the planters and all the heavy equipment to do the farming operation. And obviously, provided me with with a Fendt tractor, too. But the bottom line is, as we get this thing going, it adds even another element to the piece if we can incorporate the corn actually grown on my farm. But that’s coming. Hopefully.”

Farming is a point of pride for Luke Bryan. It’s why he heaped some big-time shade on Shelton earlier this year.

“He’s pretend farming,” Bryan said of Shelton during an interview on Apple Music Country’s The Ty Bentli Show. Shelton is very proud of his ranch in Oklahoma. He even got married to Gwen Stefani there a year ago.

“I mean, he’s just putting out like wild grasses — stuff that literally will grow on Mars,” Bryan said of Shelton. “I’m actually planting stuff that human beings can enjoy. I’m not feeding a bunch of rabbits and moles and stuff. Blake’s farming earthworms and stuff.”

Yes, Luke Bryan is feeding America, one bag of popcorn at a time.