Luke Bryan Praises His Wife for Helping Support Entire Family Through Hard Times

by Alex Falls

Country music superstar Luke Bryan loves to sing about living a carefree lifestyle. However, he’s also a hardworking family man. He’s never been shy to take an opportunity to praise his wife, Caroline Boyer.

Bryan recently spoke to ABC News about his busy schedule and how he balances his family life with his beloved wife and children. He’s hard at work touring the country for his Raised Up Right Tour. Which included a stop at CMA Fest in Nashville this week. But Bryan never loses sight of where he came from.

“I was raised in the South, you know, around so many different cultures. We want our boys to be raised to give everybody a fair shot,” said Bryan. “To look at the person and the integrity of that person.”

The singer’s Southern roots run deep, and he carries that tradition to his two sons. Bo, age 14, and Tate, age 11. He met Boyer while they both attended Georgia Southern University. They quickly married and had their two sons. But the couple also adopted two nieces and a nephew after the sudden deaths of Bryan’s sister and later, brother-in-law.

Bryan credits his wife for making so many sacrifices in the name of their family. While he’s busy on the road, she keeps the foundation together.

“My wife has sacrificed so much. I mean, when you’re dealing with girls that are 21, 17, they have a lot of drama going on,” said Bryan. “I look at [my nephew] and then I look at my oldest son… I mean, they’re brothers. They fight like brothers. They love like brothers.”

Luke Bryan Balances His Family and Fans

The country star’s songs spread joy among his many fans. But at the end of the day, Bryan knows his carefree music is actually a major responsibility. He hopes his fans understand the message he’s trying to tell.

“If I can run around this world and people hear my story and they can see me smiling and dealing and trying to have positivity through it all, maybe it can inspire people to get up out of bed and get rocking,” Bryan said.

He went on to say, “I mean, I look back to when I was in a 15-passenger van trying to play my first single. I had fun then. I have fun now. So just trying to have fun with this stuff. It’s too hard not to have fun every day.”

A normal family man is occupied around the clock. Not only does Bryan have his large family to take care of, but he also has his legions of fans who hang onto his positive messages and fun-loving attitude.

“I think with me, obviously, I’m very, very, busy professionally. I mean, I don’t even know what weekends are like,” Bryan said. “I just grew up waking up, getting after it. So, you know, work hard, play hard.”

Without his wife, Bryan would never be able to keep up with the rigors of being a superstar and family man.