Luke Bryan Set to Guest Host ‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’ Alongside ‘American Idol’ Pal Ryan Seacrest

by Shelby Scott

Luke Bryan is currently taking a break from American Idol following the conclusion of its milestone 20th season in May. In the meantime, the country music megastar is taking to TV screens on a different show. Instead, Bryan will be serving as guest co-host in an upcoming broadcast of Live With Kelly and Ryan, which also features American Idol host Ryan Seacrest. Overall, the upcoming episode promises to be an exciting one. However, Luke Bryan has fans riled up for a completely different reason. During his appearance, he promised in a new post that he has some exciting news to share. See the singer’s tweet below.

“Guest hosting with fellow [Georgia] boy [Ryan Seacrest] tomorrow,” Luke Bryan revealed in his post. “Don’t miss it because I got something fun to share…”

The “Dirt Road Diary” singer’s fans flocked to the comments to share their excitement for his guest appearance on the morning talk show. Others made predictions about what the country star might share during his onscreen appearance.

“Album announcement?!!!” one hopeful Luke Bryan fan asked. We can hope, however, it was only last month that the 46-year-old singer revealed that his upcoming album is about halfway done. During an appearance on SiriusXM’s The Highway, the country artist said his latest single “Country On” is “the first installment of a project I’m working on. I mean, I’ve got probably half of the project done.”

Meanwhile, “Country On,” which Luke Bryan released just a few weeks ago, is already tearing up the charts. Immediately following its release, “Country On” headed to 91 country music radio stations nationwide and debuted on the Billboard Country Airplay chart at 21.

Luke Bryan Pauses Live Performance to Break Up Fight

Luke Bryan is one of country music‘s most laidback performers. However, if you start a fight at one of his concerts, don’t think he won’t call you out on it. Earlier this month, Luke Bryan headed to Youngstown, Ohio where he not only put on another fun show but also celebrated his birthday. But when a fight broke out, Bryan had no qualms about calling the brawlers out.

As seen in a TikTok clip from the Ohio performance, Luke Bryan stops his show in the middle of his hit song “Buy Dirt.” In it, we can hear him say, “why the hell were y’all fighting during ‘Buy Dirt,’ this isn’t Limp Bizkit or nothing or freaking Gwar. Somebody got the sh-t knocked out of them. I saw it.”

Less seriously, or actually, perhaps entirely serious, he added, “Chill out, find a joint or something, smoke a joint.” When concert-goers began to laugh, he emphatically tacked on, “I know y’all got that shit.”

Making an attempt to draw attention back to the performance, Luke Bryan announced, “It’s my birthday night, no fighting on my birthday!”