Luke Bryan’s Wife Introduces ‘Newest Addition’ to Farm: VIDEO

by Caitlin Berard

In February 2017, the Bryan/Boyer family suffered a horrific tragedy. Luke and Caroline Bryan’s infant niece, Sadie Brett Boyer, passed away following a series of health issues. To honor her memory, Brett’s parents, Bo and Ellen Boyer, created The Brett Boyer Foundation, which seeks to “raise awareness for children with Congenital Heart Disease and Down Syndrome.”

As part of the foundation, Luke and Caroline Bryan proudly started Brett’s Barn on their property, which now houses over 20 animals including pigs, goats, horses, llamas, and even kangaroos!

The couple hopes to one day open the attraction to the public. As of now, however, it remains private. That said, the couple frequently welcomes children to visit their ever-growing menagerie.

The newest addition to the Barn is a tiny Barbados sheep hilariously named Lil Dickey. To celebrate Dickey’s adoption, Caroline Bryan introduced him to her friends and fans on social media.

“Introducing Lil Dickey!” she wrote in the caption. “He was attacked by a dog and brought into [Rock-N-Country Vet Services]. They gave us a call to see if we would take him in, otherwise, he would have been euthanized. He is the sweetest!”

In the video, Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline explained the situation further. “This is the newest addition to Brett’s Barn,” she said. “We got this little nugget yesterday. Somebody was going to have him put down, and our sweet vet called us and we took him! He’s so little!”

The Brett’s Barn account commented on their exciting newcomer as well. “We love him!” they wrote in the replies. “He looks like a goat, but he’s a Barbados sheep. Welcome to the barn little guy.”

Luke and Caroline Bryan Opened Brett’s Barn to Honor a Promise to Brett

On the official Brett’s Barn website, Luke and Caroline Bryan shared the story behind the idea for the Barn. In an effort to create something positive from the terrible grief, the couple decided to honor a promise they made to Brett soon after she was born.

“Unfortunately, our family knows the feelings of grief all too well,” Caroline wrote. “We also know that we can choose 2 paths in life. One of bitterness/anger, or one of happiness and hope. We choose happiness over hurt, we choose to honor Brett, just as she continues to honor our family every day. We choose to help children, families, and precious animals.”

“After Brett passed away, I decided to keep a promise I made to her when she was about a month old…a white pony!” she continued. “We found the pony at a local animal rescue facility. Along with the white pony, we adopted another pony, goat, and pig. Over the next few months, the barn continued to grow. The promise I made to Brett, for one white pony, quickly turned into a full-blown miniature animal farm!”