Luke Bryan Suffers Injury During Family ‘Adventure,’ His Wife Reveals

by Joe Rutland

Luke Bryan is finding himself on the injured list right now as his wife Caroline lets the world know that Luke broke a finger. The American Idol judge was apparently on a little adventure with his wife. She also lets people know that she suffered an injury, too. What in the world is going on with this couple? It looks like they are just having fun.

Fans were definitely busy in the comments section after Caroline’s post. One writes, “How awesome! We love Cedar Point, though last weekend I finally gained the courage to ride Steel Vengeance! Good lord that ride is intense!” Another one says, “Oh no!?!? I wonder if Luke will play on his stage tonight if he has broke finger? Did you both fell down something that caused your injuries? Happy Birthday Tate! You all look like have a good time today!! Lovely pictures!!” We do not know the status of any performance from Bryan. If we hear of something regarding his concerts, then we will let you know.

Luke Bryan Will Return To Host CMA Awards With Peyton Manning

Now, we do know that Luke Bryan will be busy appearing with Peyton Manning. Where? Both men will be co-hosting the 56th CMA Awards on November 9. If you are saying to yourself, “Hey, didn’t Bryan host it last year?” Then yep, he sure did. But this will be the first time that Manning will be acting as an emcee for the awards show. It should be good as both men know how to be funny and even irreverent a little bit. Upon having this news get released earlier in August, Bryan said this about his role in the upcoming CMA Awards.

“Being a part of such a historical night that honors my peers and country music is such a privilege,” Bryan said. “When I was asked if Peyton Manning was someone I would consider co-hosting with, I didn’t hesitate. We have become great friends through the years. And what he brings to the table is gonna make it even more of a blast.” 

Recently, Caroline happened to surprise Luke with a birthday cake. she happened to write in the caption with an Instagram post, “Happy Birthday to my Hunk of burning love!!!” This cake happened to be a special one made just for her husband. In the picture that she posted along with the caption, Luke is all smiles. He not only got a cake but even a sweet smooch from his wife. It’s definitely one birthday that Luke probably will not ever forget. Now, when there’s an update about his health with that broken finger, then we will let you know about it.