Luke Combs Describes His ‘Clown Show’ Audition for ‘The Voice’

by Blake Ells

Luke Combs tried out for The Voice before he rose to country music superstardom. The “The Kind of Love We Make” singer was rejected. He never made it on screen. He shared details about that rejection on the Full Send Podcast recently.

“I remember getting there, and like, I didn’t realize how much of a whole thing it was gonna be,” he said. “Like, there was thousands of people at this thing. I thought it’d be, like, you go in, there’s 100 people there that are serious about what’s going on. It was a clown show. There was, like, thousands of people in there.”

This was the stage of competition before the potential contestants reach air. Luke Combs describes it as a “cattle-call” operation. He went alone, and when he realized what was going on, he felt like he didn’t belong.

“It was so big,” he said. “I was, like, ‘What are the odds of me even making it to the table at this stage?’ I waited in line hours and hours and hours and hours. It’s, like, a convention center, dude. There’s, like, people singing, dude, and they’re singing ‘Lion King’ and everybody’s singing together and it was like, ‘This is a nightmare.'”

The hosts then jokingly ask Luke Combs if he has problems with the ‘Lion King.’ They note that that soundtrack had some bangers.

“I do appreciate it,” he joked back. “But in a group setting where there’s strangers forcibly singing the ‘Lion King’ soundtrack…”

The hosts then asked if he was intimidated by the large crowd.

“No, I remember this girl sitting beside me, and she was like, ‘Do you think you’re gonna make it?'” he recalled. “If you have to even ask yourself if you think you’re gonna make it, just leave already.”

Luke Combs Wasted a Day

“So we wait hours and hours and hours,” he continued. “They finally call my row. It’s, like, ten people at a time on a row. We go up the escalator. And it’s just another waiting room. I’m, like, ‘Oh my God. This never ends, dude. We go in, in front of this guy. Finally, there’s ten of us. They take people ten at a time. There’s, like, ten rooms with producers in each one. Essentially, you just go in and stand in, like, a photo lineup, almost.”

Luke Combs describes the producers pointing at each potential contestant. He says that producers point at each individual and tell them to sing, one at a time. He recalls being the only male contestant in his group, and the ages of the women around him were wide-ranging.

Producers told him to stay after a long day. His choice of song may surprise you. He performed “Save Room for My Love” by John Legend.