Luke Combs Goes Deep Explaining Meaning Behind New Album ‘Growin’ Up’

by Lauren Boisvert

Luke Combs’ new album Growin’ Up is quite simply a grown up album from a grown up person. In the time since his last album, 2019’s What You See Is What You Get, he’s had numerous no. 1 hits, gone on tours, won awards, and, most recently, welcomed his son into the world. Still, he tries to live as normal a life as possible.

In conversation with Variety in June, Luke Combs spoke about his new album. He mentioned what the title means to him as an artist and also just as a person. When asked if there was any significance to the title Growin’ Up, as this is the first album without a title track, Combs responded, “Sometimes you feel like the kid that’s 21 years old that’s just trying to learn how to play guitar — some days I feel like that guy again. And I feel like I’m 70 some days, and I feel like I’m 18 on other days. I’m about to have a kid in a couple of weeks. Just in the last few years, turning 30, then 32… that’s a big change, from 28 to 32, and it’s kind of this change that I never heard about.”

He continued, “Because when you’re 21, you feel like you’re an adult. And then when you’re 25, you’re like, “Geez, dude, I wasn’t an adult at all at 21.” Then when you’re 28, you’re like, “Man, now I’m really an adult.” And then you get to 32 and it’s married, house, kid on the way — it just changes the whole thing.”

Luke Combs Talks Growing Up and ‘Growin’ Up’

Combs continued by shifting to talking about the album specifically. He shared that this stage in his life influenced what songs made it onto the album.

“I think there are a few songs on this album that wouldn’t have been on here had I not been where I am in my life now,” he admitted. “[A] couple from a musical standpoint, a couple from a lyrical standpoint.”

He continued, “Even musically, I was not as afraid of like: Well, what if there’s too many slow songs? When you’re younger, you want to be the fun, energetic guy, and there’s plenty of that stuff on here as well. But I’m cool now with going “All right, man, if we’re going to have more slow songs, then that’s what it’s going to be,” whereas before, I maybe would have put pressure on myself to go, “Do we have enough stuff that people are gonna really love?”

Luke Combs seems to have grown into himself as an artist and as an adult. Growin’ Up is a good indication of that. He really leaned into his own style, creating breakout hits left and right. Growin’ Up is a gem of an album that really catalogues Combs’ journey into adulthood through style, musicality, and theme.