Luke Combs Opens Up About Collaborating With Miranda Lambert on ‘Outrunnin’ Your Memory’

by Jonathan Howard

Some pairings are just meant to be. Take Luke Combs and Miranda Lambert for instance on “Outrunnin’ Your Memory.” The song, the only one to have a feature on Combs’ newest album, was written and performed by both artists in collaboration. Country music match made in heaven. They didn’t know what they were going to do with it when they wrote it. Still, it all came together for the better in the end.

In an all-new interview with Variety, the singer-songwriter opened up about the process that went into the song. While he hasn’t been in the spotlight for many years, Combs has made quick friends with all kinds of folks in the industry. That includes Lambert.

“When we went in to write [the song], there was no ‘Hey, is this for your album? Or is this for my album?’ It wasn’t written as a duet. We just went in, wrote a song, and then went our separate ways. When I finally went into the studio, that was at the top of my list to record, because I genuinely really loved the song. I didn’t have a plan to have any features on the album. But when we got done with the song, I was like, ‘Dude, how do we not have Miranda on there? How can you not do it?'”

Thankfully, they connected back up and recorded the song together. Really, Luke Combs isn’t known for doing a whole lot of features. He’s done them, but as you see with Growin’ Up, most of his songs are solo. That’s just how he likes to work.

But, when the opportunity came up to work with Miranda freakin’ Lambert, he took it.

Luke Combs was Nervous to Reach Out to Miranda Lambert

Even though he is arguably one of the three biggest country music stars in the world, Luke Combs wasn’t confident reaching out to Lambert. Sometimes, you get into your own head and convince yourself of things that aren’t true.

“I always feel weird (racing out), because when I talk to Eric Church or Miranda or Chris Stapleton or whoever, I still don’t feel like we’re in the same thing. In my eyes, they’re so far above where I’m at. So it’s strange to me that I have, in some ways, an open line of communication with these people.”

The singer went on later to say, “But I hit her up and was like, ‘Hey, would you want to sing on this? I’m not going to be mad if you say no.’ I don’t like putting pressure on people so they feel like they have to do something, but she agreed to do it. She’s someone that I have loved listening to for a long time and admire so much, so it’s cool to get to do a song with her.”

Of course, Luke Combs has proved himself. He’s accomplished things that tons of legends never have. And, he’s also got a lot of things to accomplish himself. While he has the streams, sales, and more to show that he’s on an elite level of singer-songwriters today, he’s still early in his career. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. He sure is.