Luke Combs Reveals He Tries as Hard as Possible to Lead a ‘Normal Life’

by Jonathan Howard

Even though he’s become a country music sensation in just a few short years, Luke Combs doesn’t want to drastically change his life. He’s tried his best through it all to be as “normal” as possible. Even when you try your best, sometimes stardom changes a few things. However, he does his best to live his life how he’s always lived it.

During an interview with Variety, the singer-songwriter talked about his personal life. There have been so many changes in recent weeks. He and his wife Nicole just become parents for the first time. Tex has made things a bit different for the young couple.

“I try so hard to live as much of a normal life as humanly possible. I know that maybe that’s a pipe dream, and maybe that’s like the most arrogant thing anybody’s ever said because obviously, my life is drastically different than it was when I started out,” he explained.

So, he tries to do things that anybody would do. He’s an outdoorsman, a married man, and a new father – so things aren’t super exciting, but life sure is busy. It helps to sit back and enjoy life, too.

“So I spend a lot of time outside,” he continued. “I spend a lot of time with my wife, sitting on the couch, watching TV, cooking dinner. We live a pretty normal existence. … On our farm an hour outside of Nashville, we have chickens and dogs and cats, and we’re about to have a son, and we just hang out with each other and hang out with our friends, and that’s enough.”

That baby will make Luke Combs change his life more than country music ever will.

Luke Combs Wants to ‘Be Around’ for His Son

Fatherhood has a way of changing a lot for a person. And Luke Combs is learning that each and every day. Soon after he and his wife announced the birth of Tex Lawrence Combs, he opened up about being a dad. You can have all the No. 1 singles in the world, but that doesn’t compare to what happens when your son is resting in your arms.

Luke is even wanting to lose some weight so he can be around for his kid. It’s ard to lose weight. Many people, like Combs, struggle with genetics and bad eating habits. Touring isn’t great for the number on the scale.

“It [weight] was always something that bugged me,” the singer admitted in an interview. “Especially when you’re younger, you’re like ‘Man, I just got a horrible genetic dice roll on this thing.’ You start to realize that almost even more when you’re older.”

“Now this having a kid thing,” Combs later said, “has really messed my head up on this thing in the best way. I want to be around.”

I’m sure that Luke is going to get a good handle on things. He seems like a determined guy and it sounds like he has the ultimate motivation now. Life sure can change in a hurry.