Luke Combs Reveals the ‘Number-One’ Parenting Tip He’s Heard and Why He’s Not Taking It

by Shelby Scott

Luke Combs and his wife Nicole welcomed their first child, Tex Lawrence Combs, on June 19th—Father’s Day—last month. Already, the country music couple is head over heels in love. Both parents have taken the time to share photos and experiences from their first weeks as parents. And now, as the couple approaches one month with the baby, “The Kind of Love We Make” singer revealed the “number-one” piece of parenting advice he’s received so far. And why he’s chosen to ignore it.

“The number-one thing I’ve heard is—gosh, what do they call it, a night nurse?” he shared.

According to ABC Audio, more than a few people have recommended that Luke and Nicole Combs hire a night nurse. “That’s a thing that I’ve heard about,” the singer continued, “which I was just completely unaware of that existing.”

As per the outlet, a night nurse helps new parents with in-home care during a baby’s first few weeks of life. However, they typically help most at night.

That said, it appears Luke Combs and Tex Lawrence’s new mama plan to give things a go on their own. In response, the artist said, “I think we’re gonna give it a run for a while and just kind of do it on our own.”

He further explained, “This child didn’t have a choice to be born. You know, it was our choice to bring him into the world. So I think it would be super selfish of me to go, ‘Oh, now I don’t have time to do this thing.’ And I think trying to do that on our own is something that we’re looking forward to.”

Luke Combs’ Wife Nicole Speaks Out About Mental Health Post-Partum

While Luke Combs reflects on parenting advice, his wife Nicole is speaking out about her mental health this last month.

Following the birth of a new child, post-partum depression (PPD) is one of health professionals’ major concerns for new mothers. Fortunately, however, Nicole Combs shared with fans that she’s “been doing very well postpartum.”

She did admit, “I was VERY anxious the first night we brought him home but haven’t felt like that since. Nobody can really prepare you for the feeling of bringing a small human home that you’re entirely responsible for.”

Combs also revealed that her doctors have been consistently asking her how she’s been feeling post-partum— which, I can assure you, is entirely normal. In her post, she further wrote, “Idk if everyone has the same experience, but I have been asked repeatedly by my doctors how I’m feeling mentally postpartum. It could be so easy just to say ‘I’m totally fine’ when I’m not.”

If that happens to be the case for other new mamas, she begged them to share their feelings. She encouraged them to either speak with medical professionals or, at the very least, their partners. “They’re only there to help you, so take the help if you need it.”