Luke Combs Speaks Out About Why He Won’t Take His Son on Tour With Him

by Samantha Whidden

Weeks after the birth of his adorable baby boy, Tex Lawrence Combs, country music superstar Luke Combs reveals why fans won’t be seeing the infant on tour with him anytime soon. 

While hosting Country Countdown USA with Lon Helton, Luke Combs opened up about his son’s involvement with his highly successful career. “I think you need at least a year before the road thing. We don’t even take our dog on the road because we feel it affects his quality of life. We want to be sure we have this parenting thing down before we take it on the road.”

Luke Combs further explained that he doesn’t want his wife, Nicole, to feel trapped on the bus with their baby. “We’re going to give it some time,” he added. 

Luke Combs announced Tex’s grand debut in an Instagram post. “Welp, he decided that Fathers Day would be a good time to show up,” Combs wrote. “I couldn’t agree more. Me and [Nicole] are over the moon in love with this little guy.”

Luke Combs also said shared that Nicole and the baby were healthy and doing great. “And we’re back home now with family. Life is good. Everyone welcome Tex Lawrence Combs to the world.”

Luke Combs Talks About Being the 2021 CMA Entertainer of the Year 

Also during his appearance on Country Countdown USA, Luke Combs recalled his thoughts prior to being announced as the 2021 CMA Entertainer of the year. 

“To be honest with you, very candidly, what I’m thinking in the moment is I’m 0 for 3,” Combs recalled. “Everything I’ve lost to Chris Stapleton. Here it comes again. Momentum is like the wind. You can’t stop it. That’s what It felt like sitting there.” 

Luke Comb then said that it was Stapleton’s night and he didn’t expect to win. “So when they called my name, it was like, ‘What?’ I was blown away. It didn’t feel like it was going to happen. But it did!”

Combs further explained that he never expected to have a music career as he does now. “I knew I wanted to be on stage, but what were the odds, Lon? If we were to go back in time to 2014, and someone walked me into a record label and said, ‘This is the guy.’ You’d go, ‘This is the guy? This is the next Entertainer of the Year?’ It was a different time.”

Luke Combs added that he’s incredibly grateful for all that he has now. “I always wanted to be on stage, but what are the odds? I’d have a better chance of hitting the lottery. I didn’t want to ask for too much.”