Luke Combs Welcomes Wife Nicole To the ‘Dirty 30 Club’ in Heartwarming Birthday Message

by Alex Falls

Country music star Luke Combs is living his best life at the moment. He recently welcomed his first child into the world and he’s just getting back on stage performing in front of adoring fans. He’s also happily married and his beloved wife is celebrating her 30th birthday today. Combs marked the milestone in a heartwarming message to his wife through his Instagram.

“Happy Birthday @nicolejcombs!!! Welcome to the dirty 30 club,” Combs wrote in his post. “You have amazed me more times than I thought was humanly possible. Watching you become a mother, your positive outlook on life, your love for others, your honesty, your fierce loyalty, and 1000 other traits that make you so perfect. I love you so much and I’m so thankful for you Every. Single. Day. And I can’t wait to spend at least 100 more years with you and the beautiful life you’ve given our little family.”

The happiness shining from their faces is infectious. From Combs’s recent postings, the couple is on cloud nine after recently welcoming their baby boy into the world.

“This is what my days at home look like now. Couldn’t be happier about that. Been amazing getting to spend time with [Nicole] and little Tex.”

Luke Combs plans on being there for his son. Even though he’s a busy star playing stages across the country, he’s also ready to change diapers. “I’m assuming I’ll end up doing a lot of that, man. I would think so. I just figure, you know, she had to kind of grow him for nine months, so I figure I can at least do something at this point,” Combs said. “It’s like, you don’t really do anything for nine months. If you didn’t do anything after that, [you’re] kind of like a deadbeat at that point.”

The Fourth Act For Apple Music Live

Luke Combs is a rising star in the country music world. With a growing family and rabid fanbase, he looks set to take on the world and break into the mainstream. Recently, Apple Music Live announced he would be the fourth act in their live concert series streaming on July 28th. 

“Apple Music has been a big part of helping me get my music out to my fans, so I jumped at the idea of being able to play a special live show for them to enjoy,” Combs said regarding the chance to perform on such a large stage. “I also couldn’t think of a better place to do it than back home in North Carolina at Coyote Joe’s — a venue that I have lots of great memories at. I’m really looking forward to playing the full album live for the fans and everyone being able to watch it on August 24!”