Major Pop Group Faces Scrutiny Over ‘Offensive’ Song Title

by Samantha Whidden

Although 2010s pop group Big Time Rush is currently making a comeback after the music group’s bandmates reunited recently, the band is now facing some scrutiny over the title of their latest song, “PARALYZED.” 

According to TMZ, critics are calling out the pop group after they announced plans to release “PARALYZED,” which is one of their fan-favorite vault songs. They teased over the weekend to officially release the song. “We’re so happy to see that everyone across the globe are now able to enjoy all our music,” the group tweeted. “But the real question. How badly do you want us to release PARALYZED?” 

The song is notably about a girl who has boys “stunned and frozen,” basically paralyzed, due to her attractiveness.  However, the reaction to the track was not what the pop group expected. There is a debate on whether or not the “PARALYZED” is considered offensive to those who are actually paralyzed. This was where people started bringing in Beyonce and Lizzo. This is due to singers recently having to change certain lyrics that were found offensive and ableist. 

One person called out Big Time Rush’s song for being considered ableist. “Currently #PARALYZED is trending as fans of Big Time Rush are asking to release this song,” one Twitter user wrote. “I’m not seeing the same white disabled influencers calling them out for ableist language as they did with Lizzo and Beyonce. As a Black woman wheelchair user, I ain’t surprised.”

The Twitter user was not done criticizing the song. “Ask yourselves why you believe that becoming paralyzed would be the worst thing that can ever happen to you? Yet, you can’t see why a song called #PARALYZED by Big Time Rush might be offensive to disabled people.”

Big Time Rush Fans Stand Up for the Group After Criticism Over Their Song ‘PARALYZED’

Meanwhile, others have dismissed the song’s recent criticism due to it being written years ago. “Paralyzed has been a song for 10 years and people want to start canceling them now?” another Twitter user wrote. “Like cmon. I get that you guys don’t know what it means but please do your research before you hate on the [four] most sweetest boys ever. You’re taking it out of context. I’m sorry big time rush.”

“I’m paralysed & take no offence to it whatsoever, seriously get a life!” another Big Time Rush fan tweeted

A Big Time Rush admirer also shared their stance on the song’s latest criticism. “So… I see some people are talking about PARALYZED (great song, btw) these people are upset because according to them this song is discriminatory to disabled people, they are taking everything out of context. Have they ever listened to the song at least?”