Man Convicted of Killing Beatles Icon John Lennon Up for Parole

by Samantha Whidden

Nearly 42 years after he murdered music legend and The Beatles icon John Lennon, Mark Chapman is reportedly up for parole.

Chapman notably killed John Lennon in New. York City on November 8, 1980. The former The Beatles bandmate was walking into his apartment at The Dakota when Chapman shot him with a Charter Arms Undercover .38 Special revolver. The musician was shot four times from the back. Prior to the murder, Chapman had been a huge fan of Lennon through the years. 

According to the New York Post, Chapman is up for parole for the 12th time since he was sentenced to 20 years to life behind bars. He was originally eligible for parole in 2000. However, he’s been denied release since then. Chapman was described as a 25-year-old religious fanatic who traveled from Hawaii to New York City with the handgun, as well as 14 hours of The Beatles recordings, and a copy of J.D. Salinger’s novel The Catch in the Rye. Although he was originally a fan of John Lennon, Chapman grew angry the musician claimed that The Beatles were more popular than Jesus. 

 In 2014, Chapman’s wife, Gloria, spoke to the Daily Mail about her husband’s “desire” to kill John Lennon. But she did not believe he would actually go through with it. “I didn’t know what to do,” she explained to the Daily Mail. “He totally convinced me that he had got rid of the gun. But I was totally deceived, so I don’t feel guilty. I can’t live those kind of regrets. I have to go forward or it could make me sick.” 

Wife of John Lennon’s Killer Says He Feels ‘Terribly Sorry’ For Killing the Music Legend 

Chapman’s wife continued to say that her husband “bitterly” regrets murdering John Lennon. “He feels terribly sorry but is making the most of his notoriety to tell people about the Lord.” 

She further stated that Chapman’s eyes weren’t on Jesus the day he killed John Lennon. They were on himself. “He wanted to be somebody but was a nobody. It’s really sad he chose to worship himself. But he takes full responsibility and knows what he did was wrong. He had mental problems, spiritual battles. But he could have said, ‘No, I’m not going to do it.’” 

Meanwhile, Chapman’s wife also said that she considered divorced him after he murdered John Lennon. “My friends wanted me to. I was in turmoil because I still loved him. But I know God hates divorce, so that is why I decided not to. That was my answer and divorce wasn’t an issue. I still love him even though he would say, ‘Oh, just divorce me. Forget about me and get on with your life.’”

Chapman’s wife went on to add that despite his prison sentence, their love and grown and grown. “He tells me to remember love and intimacy comes first, though we have disagreements like every regular couple.”