Maren Morris Recalls Her Failed ‘American Idol’ Audition: ‘Things Worked Out Okay’

by Taylor Cunningham

Maren Morris may have felt many pains of rejection on her road to becoming a Grammy-winning country star. But looking back on her journey doesn’t bother her in the slightest.

This morning (July 28), the singer appeared on Today’s summer concert series to sing her single I Can’t Love You Anymore. But before she stepped in front of the microphone, she chatted with Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb about her painstaking road to stardom.

The now 32-year-old began working towards her dream at just 11. And she faced several challenges along the way. As a kid, she played music around her home state of Texas. Then, like many hopeful artists, she started trying out for televised singing competitions with the hopes of getting her big break.

Maren Morris was rejected by The Voice, Nashville Star, America’s Got Talent, and American Idol. And all these years later, the shows know that they missed out when they passed over the AMA’s 2020  Favorite Female Country Artist of the year.

But what made Morris persevere through all the early heartbreak? As she told the Today hosts, she relied on “a healthy dose of self-delusion.”

“I think you have to have a healthy dose of self-delusion to stay in this business. And I think part of it is confidence and part of it is delusion. But if you know that you have something, I just feel like, keep going,” she said. “And the long road pays off a lot better and now, ya know, it’s crazy.”

“People audition with my songs on those shows. So, it sort of feels like justice in a way,” Maren Morris laughed. “I say keep going for your dream. Those shows are great, and they’re fun. And I’ve had friends on them. But, I feel like things worked out okay for me. I did make it past that.”

Marren Morris Reflects On Her Failed Attempt on ‘American Idol’

Marren Morris had actually been thinking about her failed attempts at singing competitions before her Today interview. In fact, earlier this month, she posted a picture of her American Idol Hollywood ticket on Twitter.

Morris made it past the initial audition and ended up being cut during the cattle call round that doesn’t make it to TV. But her mom thought the fact that she earned a ticket to Tinsel Town was reason enough to celebrate. So, she saved it. And 15 years later, she stumbled upon it.

“My mom found my American Idol audition ticket from 2007. I didn’t make it past the first round cattle call…I wasn’t really into sports growing up but this feels like the equivalent of your mom saving your 10th place trophy,” she wrote.

“I just remember being, like, 17,” she said on Late Night With Seth Meyers in 2019 while talking about the experience. “And I had to, like, walk through the walk of shame out to the parking lot and find my mom’s car and just cry on the way home with her. But, I mean, it all worked out.”