Massive Fire Erupts Outside Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium After The Weeknd Concert

by Samantha Whidden

A fire reportedly erupted outside Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Saturday (August 20th) as concertgoers were leaving the Weekend’s concert at the domed stadium. 

According to Fox News, the large fire broke out around 11 p.m. but was quickly under control by the Clark Country Fire Department. The fire engulf a bus or trailer that was located in the parking lot of the Las Vegas stadium. Videos also showed that black smoke was seen coming from the parking lot as firefighters arrived on the scene. However, the origin of the fire remains unknown. 

Las Vegas has been dealing with flooding lately. In late July, Sin City had a recorded months worth of rain in under two years. Numerous casinos on the Strip had water just pouring into their buildings. TO make matters worse, residents and visitors were left stranded and seeking shelter as storms produced wind gusts of up to 70mph. 

Earlier this month, Las Vegas experienced another round of flash floods as water rushed through Strip casinos and garages. During that time, the city recorded 0.3 inches of rain in just two hours. This is a far cry from  Vegas’ usual record of a third of an inch of rainfall over the entire month of July. The National Weather Service also said that the storm brought the city’s “monsoon season” rainfall total to 1.28’. 

Meanwhile, the Weekend is now heading to Vancouver, Canada after his performance in Las Vegas. Other stops on the singer and songwriter’s tour include Seattle, Washington, and San Francisco, California. 

Las Vegas Area Experiences First Tornado Warning Since 2007 

Less than 24 hours after the fire erupted outside Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas and the surrounding areas experienced their first tornado warning since 2007. 

8 News Now reports that two tornadoes were spotted just outside Las Vegas on Sunday (August 21st). One was near Mesquite while the other was seen between Mesquite and St. George, Utah. 

One resident shared details about what they experienced. “I had my camera, and I was shooting to the west because the storm was that way,”  they explained. “And I looked south and that’s where I saw the funnel for the first time. It slowly manifested and got me defined and was crazy to see.” 

Despite the warnings, those on the road were not worried. “It was a little surreal to watch the clouds and the lightning go,” one Utah driver explained. “If we had seen the tornado warning, we would have probably panicked because it’s not something that we are used to, so we would have been looking for the nearest place to pull off.”

The media outlet further wrote that the last time there was a tornado warning issued in Clark County was 15 years ago in September 2007. However, that tornado never touched down. It was noted that since 1950, there have been only 42 tornadoes reported in Clark, Lincoln, and Mohave counties.