Metallica Finds Itself Back on the Charts Thanks to ‘Stranger Things’

by Leanne Stahulak

Metallica has faced a resurgence ever since their 1986 hit “Master of Puppets” was used in the smashing Netflix series “Stranger Things.”

Earlier this week, the heavy metal band made it not only into the US Billboard Hot 100 but also topped iTunes’ Rock charts at No. 1. Now, per Deadline, Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” has also made it onto the UK charts for the first time in 40 years.

The Guardian reports that the 1986 song became a UK Top 40 hit this week, landing at No. 22. It’s the first Metallica song to break into the chart since 2008.

And its success will likely only continue to grow. “Master of Puppets” gained massive popularity after appearing in a pivotal scene in “Stranger Things” on Netflix. One of the main characters, Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn), rocked out o “Master of Puppets” to cause a distraction for his friends. The iconic moment has stayed with fans ever since, especially after Eddie’s tragic death on the show.

The final two episodes of Season 4 dropped on the streamer on July 1. Within one week of the episodes airing, on-demand streams for the Metallica song increased by 650.3%. But the song also became immensely popular through TikTok. The band “dueted” the “Stranger Things” scene on the app and played along with Eddie, rocking out in “Hellfire Club” shirts like Eddie wears on the show.

“Heard any cool songs lately?” Metallica captioned the video. It’s received over 10 million views and almost 2.5 million likes. You can check out the duet in the post below from the official Netflix Twitter account.

Metallica Releases Statement About Growing Popularity Following ‘Stranger Things’ Appearance

Metallica gained a lot of notice this month. All due to their iconic hit “Master of Puppets” appearing in the “Stranger Things” Season 4 finale. The song perfectly encapsulated the scene. And fans were stoked to see such a fantastic inclusion in the soundtrack.

The band itself also felt grateful for the inclusion of “Master of Puppets” on the show. Earlier, they released a statement about their thoughts on social media.

“The way the Duffer brothers have incorporated music into Stranger Things has always been next level,” the band wrote. “So we were beyond psyched for them to not only include Master of Puppets in the show but to have such a pivotal scene built around it. We were all stoked to see the final result and when we did we were totally blown away.”

The band added, “It’s so extremely well done, so much so that some folks were able to guess the song just by seeing a few seconds of Joseph Quinn’s hands in the trailer! How crazy cool is that?”

To see the awesome video yourself, check out “Stranger Things” on Netflix. Or visit the streamer’s various social media pages.