Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ Sees Staggering Streaming Bump After ‘Stranger Things’ Finale: By the Numbers

by Craig Garrett

Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” is getting a huge boost following the song’s pivotal role in the season 4 finale of Netflix’s Stranger Things. Billboard referenced Luminate’s data reporting for some staggering stats. On-demand streams for the 1986 heavy metal classic have increased 650.3% in the week since the program debuted. That’s comparing the July 1-6 six-day period to the comparable six-day stretch from the preceding week. On July 1, the final episode of Stranger Things aired on Netflix in the early hours.

In the previous week, “Master of Puppets” had 1,020,333 on-demand audio and video streams in its first six days. That figure increased to 7,655,536 in the first six days after the Stranger Things finale debuted for streaming. The percentage increase was even greater for downloads of music on digital tracks. Downloads increased by 999% over the same period.

Stranger Things introduces Metallica to a new generation

It appears that interest in “Master of Puppets” is on the rise. Daily figures, on the other hand, reveal that streaming activity increased gradually every day from Friday, the day of the episode’s premiere, through Wednesday, the final day that data from Luminate was accessible.

The increase in radio play is not as substantial, likely owing to the genre of “Master of Puppets”. The Metallica standard probably won’t have the same kind of comeback on the next Billboard Hot 100 chart that Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” did. Bush’s song was showcased earlier in the season and also skyrocketed in popularity. That is, however, to be anticipated; with a song as hard rock as this having less appeal to pop or alternative formats than the Bush oldie did.

Radio play increased for ‘Master of Puppets’ by only a fraction

After its first airing, the song’s plays on radio increased by 25.5 percent: from 188 to 236 in six days. The number of people who heard the song on the radio before the show and after it — 508,000 to 583,400 — indicates that a lot of the rock stations may have been inclined to play “Master of Puppets” as an oldie were actually programming it anyhow.

Looking at statistics for programmed streaming services, percentage gains were also remarkable there, although not to the same extent as with on-demand streams. The number of programmed streams increased by 96.8 percent, from 100,904 to 198,538.

There is still a lot of potential interest in “Master of Puppets. Many fans are catching up on the season finale. Metallica certainly aided the song’s popularity by amplifying its popularity on social media. Just a week after the episode aired, Metallica released a TikTok tribute video. In the clip, the band performed a split-screen “duet” with the show’s courageous “Hellfire Club” leader, Eddie Munson.