Mick Jagger Announces Rolling Stones Will Resume Touring After Recovering From COVID

by Samantha Whidden

One week after postponing some of their shows due to Mick Jagger testing positive for COVID, The Rolling Stones are resuming their 60th-anniversary tour.

In a Twitter post, Mick Jagger thanked The Rolling Stones fans for their support during this rough time. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience about the shows. But we’ll be on stage in Milan on Tuesday so we’ll see you there.”

According to Deadline, Mick Jagger announced he had COVID last week and The Rolling Stones’ shows in Amsterdam and Bern would be rescheduled. Amsterdam’s show will now take place on July 7th while Bern is still yet to be determined. 

Fans took to the Twitter post to wish Mick Jagger well as he recovers from the virus. “Mick… I’m glad you look fine,” one fan wrote. “I was looking forward to it, Bern show was canceled, but it can’t be help. I’m going to see you again. Please come to Japan next year. I hope you are doing well.”

Another fan wrote, “So glad you are feeling better Mick! We’ve all been worried about you! So sad to have made the trip to Europe for the only two shows I could go to but I know the rest of the tour will be a blast for my friends who are there!”

Mick Jagger Reveals He Misses The Rolling Stones Bandmate Charlie Watts

During a recent interview with The London Times, Mick Jagger opened up about missing his The Rolling Stones bandmate, Charlie Watts. The musician reportedly passed away last August. “I don’t really expect him to be there anymore if I turn round during a show,” Jagger stated. “But I do think about him. Not only during rehearsals or on stage, but in other ways too.”

Mick Jagger further explained that he misses Watts as a player and as a friend. “I would have phoned him up and talked about last night’s Arsenal game because he supported Tottenham and I’m Arsenal. In the show, when we come to the front and bow at the end, there’s no Charlie. He’d always be the last one down. I’d go: ‘Come on, what have you got to do?’ He’d be fiddling with his sticks because he always had to have them in a row before he’d get off the seat.”

Along with discussing Watts’ passing, Jagger opened up about people comparing former One Direction bandmate, Harry Styles, to him. “I mean, I used to wear a lot more eye make-up than him. Come on, I was much more androgynous. And he doesn’t have a voice like mine or move on stage like me; he just has a superficial resemblance to my younger self, which is fine — he can’t help that.”